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1/43rd Models

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Just to compliment the post on 1/18th scale models.

I thought I would show some of the smaller less detailed models available.

Here is an image of a small selection of my RS500 models. I am always adding more with special builds in the pipeline of more Australian versions and a better 1990 Rouse ICS car.

The eagle-eyed amongst you may have spotted the inaccuracy of the 05 Brock car?


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Just added the Peter Jackson sponsored Glen Seton Sandown 500 race winning car from 1990 to my collection.

Added the missing decals and airlance on the front panel.

Does anyone know what chassis this car was?


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It's a bit vague on the Setons chassis. 1 got crashed at Lakeside I believe, but was it rebuilt or did a new car appear?

I believe Seton imported 2 new shells into Australia for the 1989 season. After the Likeside crash he missed 2 events and then joined again at Sandown for the ATCC race and the remainder of the season. This chassis would be RS155. At Bathurst a 2nd car appeared, whether this is the rebuild first car or a new one is unknown to me.

In 1990 Seton used both chassis' for himself I have understood. For round 6, 7 and 8 they ran both cars at the same time. And ofcourse 2 cars at Sandown and Bathurst.

1991 was a sole season for Seton. The 2nd car only came out for Bathurst I believe.

1992 the team ran both cars during the year with Wayne Park as the 2nd driver. RS155 got sold to Bob Tweedie who ran it at the Adelaide GP support race as #79 and he owned it for a long time (2008?)

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