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Luckiest man at National Day

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Evenin everybody,

Today at Donington Park our very own Mr Linfoot became the luckiest man on the track, I was following him down the Craner's when he performed the "Greatest escape" known to 500 driver's,

RSOC ND 2016 044.JPG

after a 360 spin he just kissed the barrier and carried on !  very impressed !

RSOC ND 2016 058.JPG

Well done and hope to see you again soon.


Andy Lloyd



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Lol,, Cheers Andy


It was a brown trouser moment for sure , i poped it out of gear , and took my foot of the brake and steered at the last min to just kiss the barrier

I was soooooo chuffed as im sure you will all guess ,, lol


Ps, thanks for turning up again Andy , was great to see you and Netty again


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