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Thermostat housing revisions

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Hi all,


It would seem there are a couple of different revisions of the RS500 thermostat housing - I have now seen 2, does anyone know how many there are and what the differences are?

Here are the 2 I have seen so far - 



And today I saw this one - 


Note in the first photo, there is no bleed screw on the front cover and in the second last photo, the part / casting number is the same as the first example above (BC 25) but the text is cast in a different direction. The second housing above I secured for my car today and compared it to another RS500 housing on a car at the time and can confirm that all the part numbers are the same, it is just that there seems to have been a couple of revisions with the bleed screw missing and slightly different text.





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On 12/6/2015, 8:18:00, RS 500 Registrar said:

The other you have posted is one i have never seen before ,, it all looks the same other than the bleed screw missing ,,,, strange

Not only the bleed screw but also the direction / orientation of the casting text - the part numbers are the same, just "different". Like they were made by a different company for Ford. 

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