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Restoration of Moonstone #466

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After 50 odd hours of pulling the rear end out of the car, sand blasting, wire wheeling, powder coating, zinc plating, cleaning and re-assembly, there is only 1 photo that matters - 


The car is now back on wheels on the ground and mobile again! :D

I spent the day today getting the finishing touches done re re-assembly - got the brakes and brake lines in, torqued up the drive shafts, hand brake cable, bolted the tail shaft up then the hardest job of the lot (was also the hardest on the dis-assembly phase) - getting the exhaust back in. Then bled the brakes topped up the diff oil (spilt a bit whilst the diff was out) got the wheels on, torqued the axle stubs (had to buy a new 3/4 torque wrench just for this job to go up to 300 odd nm) and did the wheel nuts up. 

I also swapped the actuator out - there was a standard -32 item in there and I am currently running a stage 3 chip / injectors so changed the actuator over to a -34 unit.

After that, took it for a quick run around the block for a shake down run, came back in, checked the wheel nuts and a quick once over the rest and then went out and did some C63 baiting :)

The car is feeling pretty good now, rear end feels like a new car, nice and smooth, no rattles or bumps, all feels pretty tight. Have not really noticed the poly bushes in the trailing arms yet and with the majority of driving I am to do it will be unlikely that I will but I will still plan to get some of the GGR steel bushes for later in the year.

There are still a few things I need to tidy up in the rear end but everything is back into 1 day work mode - I am probably going to go back and powder coat the rear caliper's - I am not happy with the spray can job, it does not seem to be wearing very well and there were a couple of bolts on the left side of the car that I missed. I may also pull the shocks and springs out and get them back to standard colour but for the moment I am going to move onto the front end - I have a new set of wheel bearings ready to go in so will pull the front up-rights one at a time and give them the reco, powder coat, zinc plat, wire wheel, sand blast treatment starting next weekend (although I may just go out and drive for the day next weekend, lets see what the weather is doing).

There was also a small cosmetic change - some new number plates turned up which this was all going on so I got them on before the drive. 

This has been a big job, I have been absolutely stuffed at the end of every day and it has been the middle of summer so I have been sweating my ring-gear each day drinking volumes of water that you would think are not possible but looking at it now, it has all been worth it, especially when you see the contrast between the new looking rear end compared to nearby components such as the fuel pump cradle , tail shaft etc (which will all get done in good time) and it is definitely fulfilling to see this part of it done!

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Today saw me fix up / swap out a few bits that have been annoying me. 

Firstly, it was out with the crappy Pioneer CD player (who uses CD's now anyway!!!!!) and in with an original tape deck (I have found a nifty cassette to bluetooth adapter, you can check it out here if interested - Bluetooth cassette adapter ). I still need to make up / acquire a DIN cable to go from the head unit to amplifier).


Then I put in a replacement clock - the one that came in the car had a cracked LCD - is nice to be able to tell the time and not look at the cracked LCD now - see the photo above.

Next was to get the new parcel shelf to boot straps in which had been missing when I got the car (still need to remove the motorcraft stickers from them :)


Then it was on to getting the new dash computer cleaned up and ready to put in the car. Since I had picked the car up, it has had a Sapphire 5 door one in it, so it was nice to get a genuine 3dr one in there. First off was to get the screen cut back to get rid of the scratches in it - 


Then make sure it was buffed up and as clear as possible - 


Then I decided tho give the bezel the same treatment - 


I went over both the bezel and screen firstly with Silvo silver polish, then used a Dremel felt polishing wheel and compound to get the major scratches out, then again with Silvo to get the fine marks out and then a buff it up with a microfibre rag. 

Then assembled it all back together ready to put in - 


And finally back into the dash with the new clock - 


And finally the moment of truth, to see if it works - 


Yay, it lights up, lets do a door count - 


Looks good to me :)

That is it for today I think, lets see what the rest of the week brings. 

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Today was a bit of an up and down day for restoration, I had planned the following:

  1. Remove the fuel cradle and refurb
  2. Change the fuel lines in the engine bay - they are looking a bit dodgy and I dont want a fire if they break.
  3. Change the alternator brackets - the adjuster bracket isnt quite right
  4. Visit someone in the afternoon to find / buy some parts

Unfortunately, I underestimated the work in refurbing the fuel cradle. I wanted to take it out, strip it all back, powder coat the bits that needed powder coating and zinc plate the bits that needed that but I had to run up to the hardware to get some bolts and things to tick off item number 3 which chewed up some time and I ran out of time. 

After running up the hardware, I got home, got he car up on stands and pulled the cradle out. Here is how it looked after removal - 

I started getting it stripped but even with the sand blaster in action, it took an age. I flipped between sand blaster, wire wheel and plastic stripping wheel to get into it but I was quickly running out of time as I had agreed to meet someone to pickup a particular part and also rummage through their garage to see if there was anything else I could find so had toe get things sorted quickly un unfortunately ended up cutting the job on the fuel pump cradle short, not getting it full stripped and repainted the way I wanted it so put it back in the car (as I needed the RS500 to get to the place I had to go to pick up parts) in a state where I am not very happy with it and will have to re0visit it next week where I can spent more time on it to get it right. 

That was the downside of the day, luckily the parts picking went a little better. 

I had arrange to go and pickup a "mint" drivers seat as mine is a little "loose" in places although not torn, just a bit saggy and stretched so if I could pick up a new one I was going to. I drove an hour to get where I had to go to and we finally got the seat out. When I looked at it, i was a little disappointed as it was not what I would call "mint", with a cigarette burn on the back, a tear on the right side where you rub every  time you get in and out but the seat was in general. pretty good. The main issues that my current seat had were not an issue on this one - the base is really firm, there is no stretching of the fabric and the rest of the internals are really good. After a bit of a look over it and an adjustment on the price to reflect the non mint state, I took the seat - 


It has been sitting in storage a few years so needs a bit of a cleanup but it will look like new once done. 

The guy I got the seat off also threw in a nice little present for me - a die cast moonstone blue RS500! - 


I have been looking around for one of these for a bit now but have not found any that were reasonable representations of a RS500, I have seen a few 3dr's but really struggled to find an RS500, especially in moonstone, so I am really happy with this one!

I then went foraging through the garage looking for bits that I needed. Luckily, my list is getting pretty small now after getting quite a few parts sorted over the last couple of weeks (more news on that when I get them delivered in a few weeks time) but one of the things I have been trying to find but lucked out every time with breakers and everyone else is the clip that goes on the bulkhead / firewall just behind the cylinder head that is a 5 way cable clip that seems to be specific to cosworth sierra's (dont see it on XR4Ti's etc) which I managed to find sitting a in a cup with a bunch of other clips - we started talking prices and we found a second one so I said that seeing how the one in my hand was not the last one on earth, its value had just dropped significantly! I also found a couple of other clips I needed so we threw them into the mix and agreed on a price. 


After about an hour of foraging through, we also came a across a brand new, in the ford packaging drivers side rear window surround which I did not bring with me today but will grab in a couple of weeks which will be a nice piece to put on the car when I get it re-sprayed in a few months time - just need to find a matching one for the passengers side. 

Last but least, I stumbled upon the holy grail of 3DR restorations, a brand new, never used header tank!


As with the seat, it has been sitting on a shelf for a long time - apparently it was excess stock for DJR when they finished up with the Sierra's  - so it too has picked up a good coating of dust but is otherwise new and will also clean up nicely!

Whilst not happy with the resto efforts for the day, I am happy with the parts picking effort so that kind of makes for a good day, will just have to get back into the fuel pump cradle next week and make sure it is up the standard!

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Yesterday was a bit of bitter sweet on the resto front.

There has been a bit of a shudder with the left front since I picked the car up. Originally I thought it was the brake discs so I replaced them but it didn't go away and it has gotten worse to the point where I can feel it whilst driving off brakes so I planned to do the following yesterday:

  • Pull the control arms out and re-bush / reco
  • Swap the alternator bracket
  • Change the fuel lines

I had a set of bushes that were supplied with the car for inner and outer TCA so had everything I needed (I thought) to get the job done. Earlier in the week I had the car jacked up (cant remember why now) and had noticed play in the front wheel so was pretty confident that the issue would be fixed by re-bushing. 

I got the car up on stands, got the wheel off and stuck my head in there and started moving things around and yep, the outer bush / tca to sway bar bush was clapped out. So I proceeded to pull the TCA out, get the old / original bushes out and strip the tca back ready for a new coat of paint:


I got it all masked up, ready for painting and even had the can of primer in my hand shaking it up ready to put the first coat on when I thought "You know what, Powder coating these will be the better thing to do, it is more durable and looks better" so I put the can of primer down and set the TCA up in my little make shift powder coating booth and got a coat of zinc primer on: 


Then threw it in the over for 5 minutes until it flowed and applied a coat of semi gloss black and then back in the oven at 200 c for 25 min:


I have to say, I am getting good at this powder coating, the TCA came out spot on, looks great, the finish is exactly what I was looking for, no bubbles, spots or blemishes, just a nice even coat over the entire thing.

Then I started peeling off the tape and realised my stuff up - I had powder coated the arm thinking that the ball joint was metal on metal and had forgot that they have a plastic liner on them which has now melted after being in the oven at 200 c for 25 minutes! Have now stuffed an otherwise good TCA so the hunt is now on to replace it! I cant believe I was literally seconds away from spray painting which would have turned out fine but had a complete brain fade and powder coated it which has ruined it! GRRRRR.

The next issue I noticed is that my inner bush kit seems to be wrong or my X-member is wrong - I have the 17mm bolt heads on the inner joint and my bush kit is for the larger bolts so need to get the right bush kit / sleeves! I also need to track down a new set of sway bar to TCA washers - I thought my bush set had new ones in it but either I dreamt that or I put them down somewhere and I cant find them.

After giving up on the left front corner, I jumped under the car and fitted a billet aluminium one piece alternator drop bracket which went in smoothly and has provide a bit more clearance for the boost pipe and then replaced the fuel hoses to the main fuel rail and from pressure reg to bottom rail as they had both developed a split in them and the last thing I wanted was for a fuel hose to go and car catch on fire! Lesson number 2 - always put new hose clamps on and make sure you buy new ones when you buy the hose, I had 2 of the ones that came off the car fail when putting them back on and had to scrounge around the garage to find replacements (which I did luckily).

So whilst I ticked off a few of the jobs I needed to do, seems to be another weekend of having to re-do a job. Oh well, there are worse ways to spend your Sundays!

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Last weekend saw me swearing at the car a fair bit. I was once again doing track control arms. I had sourced another pair of cosworth spec control arms locally with the correct larger ball ends and this time with the larger bush on the chassis / x-member side. After looking at the existing setup, I noticed that the car had been fitted with small bolt bushes / arms on the x-member side but the x-member was in fact a large bolt x-member so the arms have been moving around on the chassis side which wil not have helped the handling. 

This time I primed and sprayed the control arms - not as durable as the powder coating but a lot better on the nylon bush in the rod ends.  I left the standard bushes in the x-member end but replaced the sway bar bushes with some nolethane ones - does anyone know if you can still get the std ones with the steel cup?

Getting them out is pretty straight forward, but what a pain in the arse getting them back in is. The job would likely be easier if you had either an extra person or a hoist (or both) but I had neither so spent a good few hours yelling at the car trying to get the rod end back into the front hub. After rigging up some ratchet downs and strategically placing the jack, I managed to get them both back in and all bolted up. Sorry, but no photos this time, the arms are the only thing I did in this job run and mainly due to safety / necessity (the front end was moving around a bit) so the rest of it still looks pretty ugly under there. Once getting it all bolted back up, I drove the car out the driveway and immediately knew something was wrong, there was a loud scrubbing sound coming from the front end and I looked at the steering wheel and noticed that I was dialling up a quarter turn to keep it straight. I hopped out with the wheel centred, check the left wheel and it was straight, checked the right and it was visibly toe-ing out so I put it back in the garage until today when I could get it off for a wheel alignment. 


After getting an initial reading and then getting it dialled in, the guy showed me the readings - 


There was almost 40mm toe out on the right side / 20mm combined! - I could definitely feel it on the drive to the tyre shop! It is now back to a respectable 0.9 / 0.7 toe in which is the best the car has felt since I have owned it. I think the big movement by changing the control arms was due to the fact that the car and been assembled with small bolt control arms / bushes in a  large bolt x-member and they had floated to one side of the hole and then had the wheel alignment done. When I have put the replacements in with correct bolt sizes and bushes they have centred which has moved the control arm in whilst the front mounted tie-rods have stayed fixed which has toed the wheels out. It is nice to know it is all back as it should be.

What geometry are most people running on their road cars? And can anyone comment on the camber readings above? I have a feeling that the car is on lowered springs but not quite sure - is anyone able to provide some ride height measurements and reference locations so I can compare?

I also managed to locate an original cold air in take and went through the tricky job of fitting it back to the car - take the boost pipes off, rip the air box out, slide it in and then jiggle everything back into place. Was a little frustrating getting it all back in but managed to get it sorted and am happy with the outcome, the car is getting closer and closer back to original each weekend. 

Aside from that, it has been a very busy couple of weeks finding parts for the car. I have a whole bunch of goodies hopefully turning up this week from the UK so am eagerly waiting for the mail man each day - will post an update the delivery comes.

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I have had the car approx 5 months now and whilst I have enjoyed driving it, there has always been a niggling in the back of my mind due to the fact that the car was put back together by someone else - not me - and there has been a few handling concerns with the car coupled with a few discoveries along the way such as incorrect bolt sizes in the control arms, stuffed bushes, seized brake calliper etc but I am now at the point where I have had just about all the handling / safety related components out of the car, restored and put back in by myself so am now confident that when I put the car into a corner, a wheel is not going to come off, if I put my foot on the brakes, my foot is not going to drop to the floor and the car is not going to veer off to one side. 

After getting the wheel alignment done yesterday, the car felt great, there were no rattles, bumps, squeaks, there is a tiny little bit of movement in the steering wheel which will hopefully be fixed by some new tie rods and rod ends but may have to pull the rack out at some point but all in all, the car feels great. So I decided to take the long way home from work yesterday. I left work late so the traffic had dropped off and got onto a bit of a loop that takes me through some nice twisty roads with some reasonable straight sections as well and have to say this was the first time I have really enjoyed the car! I had no concerns about putting the car into a corner at speed or having to use the brakes (or throttle) at an stage, I just had a good hard drive - not the kind of drive where you point, shoot and brake, but a good flowing drive where you are always on the throttle or brakes, and the car performed sensationally. I got home with the biggest grin on my dial I have had for a long time, what a pleasure to drive! :)  

There is still plenty of work to do on the car but I think I will be enjoying it for a few weeks at the moment!

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I finally picked up a pair of new gas struts for the boot today - after struggling with it for months now, I cant tell you how happy this makes me!


Each day is a step closer to having it back to original condition. 

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24 minutes ago, RSRoy said:

Side mouldings would make a huge difference.

Agreed! The plan is to respray the car later this year so I have been holding off on the side mouldings (also have the rs500 pin stripes to go down the side of the car) but the more I look at it, the more the car needs them now and I will just have to redo them when it gets sprayed :)

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13 hours ago, RS 500 Registrar said:

I want that headertank ,,,,,,,,,,lol

Remember that time I called you and started rattling of a list of parts I needed and you just said "Yeah some of those my response is just going to be "F... Off" and I will laugh hard at you" :D 

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Today the deliveries I have been expecting this week started turning up. Only one box but it is a good start. I love the unwrapping / unveiling process :)

Fresh from the US - 


Any guesses?


Yep, a shiny new Indicator Stalk - will look good on the car with my new header tank wont it Paul L :P 

Should be a few more packages turning up later this week, is like Xmas all over again.

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Today saw my mother-load of bits and pieces turn up :) 


First out of the box was a set of clips for the brake lines on the rear swing arms - 


Then, a white fuse box lid, I currently have a black one on there, this one will need a bit of a clean up but should come up fine. 


Then, a new light switch, I currently have the one with the matching background instead of orange / red in the car - 


Some new valve stem seals for the impending engine build (more news on that in the next couple of weeks :) )


A standard 3dr Map Sensor Bracket - to get me out of trouble until I get the RS500 one sorted - 


Some fuel line clips for under the car (I think) - 


Some clips to hold the temp sender wire onto the cam belt cover, including a few spares :)


An RS500 supplementary owners book - 


Which will go nicely along with the other booklets etc I have with the car in this  - 


A set of hoist hooks for the engine, as it will be coming out shortly :D 


A pair of anti-rattle clips for the rear brakes - 


As well as a return spring for the left rear (there is already one on the right) - 


And a couple of clips for the vacuum hose along the dump valve pipe across the front of the car - I may have purchased a few spare as well - I am sure there is someone else in Aus who needs these! - 


And on the right in that shot above is the bolts that screw the dash into the front of the car beneath the windscreen - mine has some dodgy ones with washers at the moment.

And a couple of RS500 finishing pieces, a genuine Amal valve bracket including clips - 



And lastly, the cowl that goes under the radiator and intercooler - 


Is going to be some fun putting these on the car but alas, it will not be happening this weekend, I have to go and pick a rather large ticket item up for the car on Sunday which involves 10+ hours of driving so these bits will have to wait until next weekend. I am still waiting on a couple of other items to turn up which should do so in the next week and there are a some must have RS500 bits in there that will complete the car so watch this space.

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Today was spent mostly driving one of the other cars to pick up a key part for the car. I spent 10 odd hours driving and it was well worth it. After a few months of backwards and forwards, I finally picked up the heart of the car - 


Yep, YBD is going home! The engine is all in pieces at the moment and I am still waiting on a few bits in pieces to make their way over form the UK but the engine will come together over the next few weeks and then the car will be "complete" again :)

I mocked it up with a spare inlet (2wd) and exhaust I picked up today as well which will go on the old engine once it is swapped out - 


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10 hours ago, lee2cossies said:

Fantastic work fair play, must take some work tracking down all these rare parts too.

Thanks, tracking down these parts is hard, but is made even harder by trying to do it from Australia - surprisingly there are a few parts floating around thanks to the GrpA days but most things I am having to try and track down from the UK all without being able to speak to people thanks to distance and time zones and usually without seeing anything first. 

Today another delivery turned up, this is a part I have been looking for for a while (like most bits) and had a lot of trouble tracking one down, I missed one on eBay a few weeks back having been sniped at the very last second and finally a shout out on Facebook to various groups revealed one that the owner was happy to part with (for the right money), it is always surprising how hard it is to get some of these bits but then in the end when you find it, how easy it comes together. Anyway, todays deliver is a NOS RS500 map sensor bracket - 


I still need to sort out the sheet metal part to it but will have that sorted in the next couple of weeks.

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It has been a few weeks since my last update so thought I had better get in here and post something. Despite the lack of updates, there has been plenty happening with the car, just not a lot visually. 

Yesterday, I spent most of the day on the sand blaster. My car has Koni shocks and lowered springs all round (well at least in the rear) and the car looks like it is leaning back all the time plus I want it back to standard ride height so I managed to track down an original set of springs for the car the other week. Whilst I am not sure if there is a different between 3dr and RS500, the ones I managed to get had a bit of tape tied around each one saying "RS500 Left / Right Rear" so I grabbed those ones, despite them looking the worst of the lot I had to choose from. 

They were in as to be expected condition for springs that had a) been in a road car 30 years ago and then b ) sat in storage for who knows how long so they had a fair bit of road grime and rust on them. After a short trip on the wire wheel followed by a fairly length effort in the sand blaster followed up with some chem paint stripping, cleaning down with acetone, some steel wool and then scotch brite, I managed to get them back to bare metal and then powder coated them - one coat of black zinc primer followed up with full gloss black with this being the end result - 


You cant see it in the pics but they still have their ford part numbers stamped into the and despite a little bit of pitting on one of them they now look like new and ready to go back in the car. I was hoping to get that done yesterday as well but got tied up with some more sand blasting. 

After doing a quick media change, I had my first go of sand blasting aluminium. I was not too sure about the media I had put in so had the first go on a 4x4 Thermo housing just in case the media was not right and I started chewing through the aluminium - no such issue and with a very quick turn around I had a nice shiny new looking thermo housing that still had all its casting marks etc on it. So after that, I threw my RS500 thermo housing in for a clean up and then put in a STD inlet manifold that I picked up recently that had been painted black. I grabbed a spare inlet and exhaust as I plan to take my RS500 bits off the current engine and clean them up ready to put on the new engine so I have a complete engine ready to drop in whilst I can still drive the car around on 3dr turbo and inlet. The blaster made quick work of the paint and gave me this - 


There are a couple of little specs here and there that I will need to have another go at but otherwise am happy with the results. I still need to do the trumpet part of the inlet. I am toying with either powder coating them with clear or powder coating with "Cast Aluminium"  - 


I know a lot of you like the "patina" look on their cars but to be honest, this is a restored car, not an original car and as far as I am concerned, patina is just a nice word for rust / corrosion so I would rather powder coat them for longevity - I will have a go at the 2wd manifolds first to see what they come out like and then decide if I do the RS500 bits. As well as keeping them looking fresh, it also makes it easier to clean anything. 

A lot of you may be thinking "what else was done in the day" but to be honest, that was 6 and a half hours worth of work so not much else got done yesterday. I am spending way more time cleaning parts up on the car than any other function and it is just part of the game. I am hoping to swap the springs out today after work, should be able to knock it over in a bit over an hour. 

One of the things I am learning with this project is that in this day and age, if you can do something your self, then you are better of doing it rather than getting s "pro" to do it. My first lesson was a few months back when I had to get the bushes pressed out of the rear arms - I do not have a bearing press so had to take them up to the local mechanic to get done. He charged me $350 to do it and I could have purchased a bearing press for $150, used it once and thrown it out!

My second lesson was the other week. After doing the rear end a couple of months back and spending a large chunk of my time on strip down and re-assemble just getting the exhaust out and back in - due to its slip on joints and the fact that some butt-monkey had welded the joints as well as u-bolted them - I decided to take the car up to the local exhaust shop and get them to cut out the slip on joints and put bolt up flanges in their place. There were also a few cracks in the mufflers etc so I got them to weld them up and also weld a O2 sensor flange into the down pipe just in case I decide to put one in at some point. Whilst we had the car up on the hoist, I noticed that the rear mufflers were sitting about 6 inches too far back and hitting the extensions on the rear beam so I got them to also cut the mufflers out and move them forward 6 inches so they fit into the floor cavity properly and sit higher meaning they wont rub as much. 

I went and picked the car up and had a look and whilst they had fixed the cracks, put the flanges in and welded the O2 sensor lug in, they had just grabbed the MiG welder to do it, without even changing the wire over to stainless so they have used mild steel welding on a stainless system and not even done a good job of the welding and then after I had paid and left, I found out that whilst they had moved the mufflers into the right spot, they had not moved them up and had actually somehow made them lower so the exhaust is scraping all over the show now. So I now have a TiG welder in the garage ready to cut out all their shitty work and do it again myself. The cost of the TiG welder - less than what they charged me!

A few other things that have been done - no pics though as most of them are hard to see -

Relocated the Amal valve onto its correct RS500 bracket above the radiator and re-routed the plumbing and wiring to suit. 

Installed the RS500 cold air intake

Put new clips on the trailing arms to hold the ABS sensor wires. 

Installed a new return spring on the left rear calliper

Installed new fuel / brake line clips on the underside of the car.

Fixed the courtesy light switches - the interior lights were not coming on when you opened the doors although the lights were working off the switches inside. Was about to buy some new door switches but then decided to pull mine out and check first - just needed a quick clean of the contacts and spray of WD40 on the shafts to free them up and all is working well again. 

Put some clips on the rear bumper - the big twist clips were missing so picked up a new set and got them on. 

Installed a new fog light switch - mine was the wrong colour background. I managed to pick up a brand new old stock one a while back so put it in and shuffled the switches around so they are now in the correct order (at least as far as the brochures go) - 


I still need to get the pipe cleaners out and clean all the dust and crap off the air vents etc!

I also installed the radiator / intercooler shroud - 


Things are progressing with the engine build too but more on that in the next few weeks. 

The clutch has started slipping so unfortunately next weekend will see me dropping the gear box (at least it will be easier now with the bolt up flanges on the exhaust!) and replacing the clutch - as long as the one I ordered from the UK last week turns up!


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I managed to get the springs changed out last night - I had forgotten about a few steps in the process so it took me a little bit longer than first envisaged and my efforts were not helped by the rain - I decided to make the most of the mild autumn weather and do the job outside the garage (which also afforded me a bit more room) but halfway through the job the skies decided to open up so I had to complete the job in the wet which was not fun!

Was too dark to get a shot of the car last night but here is the old spring (red on the left) and new (black on the right) and you can see a considerable height difference without much of a difference in rate - I did not measure them but the gauge of the coil is very similar - 


It is a good 30 mm difference which has made a world of difference to the car - there is way more clearance in the arches now as well as a few noises form the rear end having disappeared likely due to better driveshaft angles and best of all, the exhaust does not scrape anywhere any more! 

I will get a side on pic to show the difference shortly but have to say I am happy to be back on standard springs in the rear now, just need to measure up the front and see where it is at.

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Whilst I have been a bit quite on here the last few weeks, I can assure you plenty has been happening with the car :)

After a bit of dicking around, I finally got a new clutch in for the car. I put the car up on the stands 2 weeks ago and started ripping the gearbox out. I had noticed a couple of days before that there was a noise coming from the rear and and after a bit of inspection, noticed that there was oil / grease leaking out of the oil seals in the hub carriers - After a bit of head scratching I figured out I had used the wrong grease when I packed the new bearings a couple of months back so the grease has melted out and there is no lube in there any more so I have ordered a new set of wheel bearings to go in the car (this time with the correct grease).

Having picked up a new garage toy the other week - 


I figured I now had all I needed in the garage to rebuild the diff. So as things stand at the moment, the car is up, the gearbox is out and the old clutch if off. I am waiting for the new wheel bearings and diff rebuild kit to come in and once they do, will re-do the rear bearings, rebuild the diff and clean up the paint job on it (once it is fully stripped down will sand blast it back to standard look, clean up the bolts etc), reco the tail shaft whilst it is out, along with the gearbox mount and also clean up the gearbox housing (doesn't feel like it needs a rebuild at the moment and will be coming out again in a few months time when the car gets re-sprayed).

I have also been busy on the engine and parts front, having had 60kg worth of items delivered last week for the engine and some other parts on the car - I have not had a chance to take photos yet but will soon.

I had another delivery today with the following:


A brand new horn for the car. Mine sound a little sick at the moment so they need replacing. Unfortunately I could only locate one at the moment but will keep searching for another one. 

One thing I did get a pair of though is these - 


A brand new pair of fog lights! Not sure if I will put them in the car yet or not, may give it a go and see how they look. 

There are a bunch of odds and ends I need to get on the but I need to get the maintenance stuff out of the way at the moment - the downside of driving a car you are restoring, but part of the fun. There should be some big progress over the next month or so, so watch this space!

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