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Capri Carl

DJR at Silverstone ETCC 1988

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Jeez the pommies on here are quiet.. ;D

That's a great article Carl.

'88 was a good year for DJ but here in Aus he still had wins and poles taken off him by the locals. Bond, Miedecke and Longhurst. Would have been good to see other Aussies go over there also.

I guess 'fastest' can be interpreted many ways as Rouse was the 'fastest' sierra to complete the race.

Its funny how the '87 Bathurst gets retold as there were protests left right and centre but Frank was the only one not to withdraw his, apparently. Once stripped of the win it was all of a sudden very hard for Frank to acquire Ford parts for his new sierra build, so they recruited Thomas Mezera to send them over. I guess no one over there thought to ask why a F/Ford pilot needed a shed load of Sierra bits.

Hope everyone had a great break.

How is car shaping up Carl?

PS I am a massive fan of DJ but trying to add some perspective.

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Posted my support for DJ in my post on general discussion 'yellow RS 500'. I raced against him in the 88 TT and his pace was staggering. I am not of the 'Dick Johnson' was cheating school of thought! More the 'Dick Johnson he blew us Europeans away' school of thought ! I talked to him for sometime at that event and he was totally a down to earth guy, who unlike a lot of us racing drivers was not up his own a..e !!


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Dick Johnson

a true Legend , and i dont care who says otherwise

The man is loved all over the world and his results speak for themself

I Like jerry also replied on the other thread , but am happy to say it again and again and again , He kicked arse in the 88tt and showed the world who was top dog


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