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WOLF SIERRA RS500 chassis no HWRT1987 004

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thought id share some of 1987004,

currently in the black yellow colours, 610bhp mountune engine, antilag , sequential box , usual wolf / eggenberger running gear

resto back to white due this year






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What is the history of this particular car?

basically in summary .

dieter knuttel from 87 to 95

sold to graham Hathaway 95

keith butcher 95 to 99?

Barclay dougall 99 to 2008

I bought in 2008

keith and Barclay campaigned it extensively in various uk and dutch championships,

it was a front running car

im still gathering actual events it entered

heres an e mail I rec from dieter knuttel who bought it new in 87


this was our car. It was built brand new in 1987 in

group A regulation  homologated as RS 500

with factory parts from factory tuner Wolf Ford in  the south

of Germany.We used it in hillclimb championship, which

it finished as Champion in 1988.In 1987 and 1990 we finished 3rd,

in 1991, 1992 and 1994 we finished as Vize-Champion.

From 1994 on it was built as special saloon

like it is now (wider tyres, modifications

over the group A level, here they call

it group H).

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Thanks Aly :)

I didn't reconise the original livery. But that is ofcourse due to the fact it never ran in Touring Car championchips with Dieter. Only hillclimb events.

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