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Help and info on a car needed

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Yes, interesting article, the only problem is they couldn't get their hands on the fastest car which was ours (Bristow's). Dave Lampitt was busy doing the mods to the car for our Nogaro test in Feb 92 (covered by me in an earlier thread). So we weren't prepared to let them test the car, we also did not want the competition poking around under our car finding out what mods we were doing, surprise, surprise!

We had raced against the cars covered in the article in 91 and to be honest the quickest was the Carlton. The Donan Sierra was quoted as having massive power, but as we know that is only part of the package to be successful and win races. In 91 the Donan Sierra was never really a threat at the front of the field and never did any times that were close to our car.

I remember looking at the times from the first Thundersaloon race of 1992 at Brands Hatch, which of course I did not do, know one was really going any quicker than we had gone in 91. Had we run the RS500 with the 92 mods we would have been a lot quicker than 91 as already tested at Nogaro.

We had run the car at the press day for the Thundersaloon series at Brands in 92, painted in Securicor colours and fully modified, it was a very cold day (good for boost)and it was dry. We had put a second seat and belts in the car for the day and had given some journalists a ride round. Towards the end of the morning Dave (Lampitt) said, lets put some new tyres on and wind the boost up and see if you can do a time. Dennis Norton (the Marketing Manager of Securicor) had asked if I would take him round with qualifying boost, I agreed, but said he may not like it!! Anyway I went out did a lap to warm the tyres and then gave it grief, going into paddock on the hot lap the grip and g forces were so much that his glasses came off. We finished the lap, came into the pits and he was absolutely as white as a sheet and shaking, he could not get out of the car for a couple of minutes!! I thought it was hilarious. More importantly we had gone nearly 7 tenths of a second quicker than we had ever gone before at Brands and with a passenger in! That's a lot of time for the Brands Indy circuit.

Most of the competition were there that day to see what we did and I guess they were all really relieved when we did not show up for the first race.

That test was effectively the end of my motorsport career. I was a very,very angry person for at least 6/7 years after because as we know the BTCC went from strength to strength through the 90's with a lot of the drivers being paid huge sums to drive the cars and I thought I should have been one of them! But that's life, I had a good run for 4 years and achieved a lot in that time.    I think I raced and won races in more different catergories of Sierra Cosworths than anyone else, ironically the car I am most remembered as driving (the BTCC RS500) was the car I won the least amount of races in and was the most frustrating of all the Cosworths I raced.


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yes this pic confirms that it was infact my old race car, you can see the large link boxes in this picture used to locate the live atlas axle it had then

I still have the boot / bonnet / doors / body panels/seat and dash etc lol

I used the engine and box in my ics race car and the axles in a grp1 cologne capri

so it does live on

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Interesting read. Does the guy have the modified shell to restore or the original shell that was put to one side? Imagine he will have his  work cut out if he has the shell with the live axle.

that's exactly why I sold it , too much work to put it back as it should be

good luck to him,

ive been looking for my other pics and vids of this car but cant find them at present :'(

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