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ThunderLoon Rebuild

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I'll put a couple of pics on here when I can work out how, but will have the full rebuild data on my website at some point in the future!

The car currently needs Soda Blasting to remove all old pait and take back to metal, before being repainted. The new cage is in, and the turbo has been rebuilt. I now need the engine to be refreshed, gearbox stripping and rebuilding and the gripper diff rebuilding. The car has been dry built, so with the exception of the dash should bolt back together quite easily (yeah right!) Sorry, it ISN'T a genuine RS500!

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Blimey, Just looking back at my small number of posts and I can't believe its this long since we've done much work on the car. Progress is slow, for very good reasons.....busy racing other stuff. However, plans are now taking place for the build to be completed over this winter, and have the car out racing in 2017. Broke the crank pulley in the engine strip down, so just ordered a new alloy one. The car shell has been stripped to bare metal and repainted in Ford Frozen white. Not an original colour but don't forget this is a race car. I'd put pictures on here but I don't know how. The pedal box is back in and the fule tank has been made and installed, as has the dry sump oil tank, all installed to the correct MSA regulations. I've even managed to refit the tailgate and one of the spoilers and also the rear lights. Its the bottom car in the picture. The top one is at the same stage of build, having also been taken back to bare metal and painted in Frozen white.




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