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Turbo Damper

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Why they changed this from the std item i have no idea other than possible room due to the bigger T4 turbo

This is the rs500 item ( known as the horse shoe )



This is the std cosworth item



The items together


The rs500 item fitted




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Many thanks to Andy PenĀ  for the true story behing the revised damper ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

The cars left Tickford with standard turbo dampers - as found on 3 doors and Saphs. Some of these seized prematurely andĀ  this risked heads being cracked... I think some heads were replaced within a year!!

Ford didn't want to yell about this understandably, so they did a 'confidential' service upgrade starting 16 February 1989. Basically if your car went into Fords it got changed to a new damper - no questions asked.

The message to dealers read, "modifications introduced in the interest of vehicle reliability and customer satisfaction can now be incorporated... to enhance the products reputation"

So the 'standard' turbo damper is not a true original part - nowt so funny as a nice big secret eh?

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