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Sierra RS Cosworth from Australia

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Hi Guys,

This car was apparently sold new to a customer in Japan, where it spent the first 23 years of it's life as a very sheltered weekend toy. In this time it had only clocked up about 24,000 miles. In 2009 it was imported to Australia by a Group A enthusiast who at the time owned an ex Colin Bond RS500 and Group A mustang amongst other toys. He never really used it, and only clocked up another 1500 miles in the two years he owned it.

So in 2011 I purchased the car with about 26,000 miles on the clock and have enjoyed it ever since. The car is in great condition but I'm there are a couple of niggling things that I will fix up over time. It's pretty much as it rolled off the factory floor with the exception of an exhaust, chipped ecu and some OZ Racing wheels. I still have a nice set of standard wheels and the original exhaust.

Anyway, for now it's get out an use it when and where I can.





Last weekend I took the car out to Lakeside Raceway to have a run in a general practice session. The track is now Heritage listed, and as such, it hasn't changed a lot since they use to race the Group A cars here back in the day.

Unfortuanately the OZ rims still have some pretty average road tyres fitted to them, but I'll be replacing them with some decent rubber soon enough.


Here's a couple of laps from the day. This is about as hard as I dare go on the tyres fitted :)

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love the pic with the DJR  behind  :)

Yeah, live 10 minutes down the road from DJR. Still a Team Mate (fan club) member, and quite often drop in to check for any Sierra merchandise and look through their mueseum.

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