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Andy Rouse chassis Numbers

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Just a idea as he built so many so lets add the known chassis number to the car

Andy Rouse Engineering/Rouse Sport

From what I have read he built roughly and supplied kits for 30 cars built between 1987-90.

1987 Cars

ARE RSC 0187

ARE RSC 0287

ARE RSC 0387

ARE RSC 0487

ARE RSC 0587: Built for Andy Rouse as he's WTCC and read that it was he's second car, Now in ANZ livery

ARE RSC 0787: Built for the JTCC in Dunlop livery, owned by the Bowden family


1988 Cars

ARE RSC 0188

ARE RSC 0288: Built for Andy Rouse as he's BTCC kaliber liveried car then sold to Peter Brock in 1989 and now in Mobil livery

ARE RSC 0388: Built for Lawrence Bristow as he's BTCC Cam Shipping liveried car, Now back in it's original livery looking stunning

ARE RSC 0488

ARE RSC 0588

ARE RSC 0688

ARE RSC 0788: Built for Marco Maurini as he's JTCC SHMZ/Dunlop liveried car, In aus and still running its original alloy cage


1989 CARS

ARE RSC 0189

ARE RSC 0289: Built for Guy Edwards as he's BTCC Kaliber liveried car,

ARE RSC 0389: Built for Tim Harvey as he's BTCC Labatt's liveried car,

ARE RSC 0489: Built for Lawrence Bristow as he's BTCC Labatt's liveried car, Being restored back to original from thnudersaloon

ARE RSC 0589

ARE RSC 0689

ARE RSC 0789

1990 Cars

ARE RSC 0190

If you have any information on any cars or chassis numbers let me know and I'll edit my original post

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I'm gonna add that the labatt's cars where used both years etc, so more information to add but as you say he's a legend and built a race wining car so thought it was a good idea an with so many people on here knowing there stuff hopefully we can get further than other threads have tried!

Does anyone know the CMS 87, ICS 1990 chassis number for these cars?

Any information is spot on!

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Not 100% on this but 0188 I thought was kaliber car that andy drove in the first 2 rounds of 88 championship before passing it on to guy edwards and building a new car 0288, for the rest of the season.

If this is right 0188 after btcc went on to thunder saloons, not restored back to kaliber livery and owned by andy???? Now fitted with sequential gearbox.

It's also hard to make out how many cars andy and guy used themselves as team mates 88,89,90.

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I only know the cars based on their liveries, I dont have much info related to which chassis was which, the CMS car was the only left hander he built I believe, the Ford France car was the ANZ car that was then converted to LHD when it came back home and sent out to France to compete. Now back as a RHD car in Aus.

Andy Brass owns the early Guy Edwards car, again I dont know the chassis number sorry

I sometimes wonder if the chassis numbers were changed as and when they were converted/upgraded so it may appear there were more cars built than actually survive.

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Good info paul. I took a load of pics of andy brass car at ford fair few years back but can't find them! I'm sure the build plaque said 0188 from memory but I could be wrong. Hopefully will see it again this year at an event to confirm.

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Hi Lee, I,m pretty sure Edwards 0188 went to Asia and was raced at Macu, it also raced at Bathurst in early '90s.It kept the alloy cage. The car Andy Brass has is Edwards 0289, it then was Walker,s Rouse FAI/LUK 1990 car, It went on to be a Thundersaloon, Also it has the steel cage, 1989 was the first year this was made compulsory.

Cheers Carl

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This is the information I have Paul S

Raced by Lee at Macau in 1989- spun out and rejoined, then crashed later- DNF.

Went on to be raced in Malaysia by Lee, who also had a Rouse RS500.

Lee crashed his Rouse car in Malaysia, and most of the Rouse car parts that was salvageable went into the BBR shell The Rouse car was cut up and discarded with.... That's why my car was so hard to try and find out about because it's the Rouse car in a BBR shel

If any of that makes any sense at all....

Cheers Jim

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Could well be then that 01/88 is no more  :(

If I post up later pics of some of the Far East / European Rouse cars maybe we can cross reference to see if they are just reliveried known cars or possibly missing pieces of the Roue Jigsaw.

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Thanks Paul  :-*

Sorted Mark.

here are the various Rouse schemes I have found over the years both 3dr and RS500 that are not seen very often. No idea though whether they are known cars just re branded during the seasons, or some of the missing builds.

Lets see if anyone has any idea of the links












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I have anotherone to add. Most likely a Rouse RS500. I have contacted one of the 3 drivers who did the Spa 24h event and the Rouse name rings a bell when thinking back at the RS500. The car seemed to have done a couple of more races in The Netherlands before being sold to Scandinavia.


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I like that fina car too.:) sure I read on here its still about. Who drove it back in the day?

There could possibly have been 4 kaliber sierras then from 88,89? If andy brass car is 0189.

Hi Guys

The Fina car was driven by Gerrit Van Kouwan and run by JQF engineering from workshops at Lord Hesketh's. The car featured an early development of active ride suspension that never really worked properly.

I was with Gerrit on Sunday at the Charity event for Neil Cunningham in RaceHut at Slough. Neil is an accomplished driver who has developed Motor Neurone disease that has left him unable to speak and virtually paralysed. Although Neil never raced in Touring Cars he is well known and liked by many of us who are devastated by the tragic illness that has affected him.

About 40 drivers,  both current and past turned up on Sunday to raise some money for him, including  Mark Webber, Jason Plato, Andy Jordan, Darren Turner, Johnny Dumbrek, Chris Goodwin and many more. Alan Gow was master of ceremonies.

RS 500 drivers from my era included Karl Jones & Gerrit Van Kouwan, both of whom I had not seen for many years and it was great catching up on old times.

I think we managed to raise something close to 10K for Neil which was great.

The format was The Formula Ford festival at Brands Hatch, run on 16 race simulators, very funny and quite good fun. I think the event was won by Martin Brundle's son Alex, basically anyone over 12 didn't stand a chance!

There may be something about it in the Motorsport press this week but as it was a 'closed' event I'm not sure.

By the way the Fina car started life as Bob Sands car and was an early 88 motorsport shell and like my car had a bolted in roll cage.


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Nice Roy , not seen that one before  :)

Got a bit more info. Drivers for the 1988 Spa 24h event were: Jenny van Hilten, Evert Bolderheij and Bernard Winderinckx. The car was owned by a guy named Chris Bouwman. Driver Evert Bolderheij also raced the car in the Dutch Touringcar Championchip aparently.

I have been in contact with Jenny van Hilten and she will try to digg some more information up on this car.

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Bit more info, just a little picture though. This is Zandvoort 1988 with Jenny van Hilten in the RS200 chasing Evert Bolderheij in the RS500.


Contact has been made with Evert, if i get more info I will post this here.

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