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Egmo ( Texaco ) chassie numbers

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1987  "Works"  Texaco Cars


99261 (#6 car)


99262 (#7 car)


99263 (#12 car)




1988  "Works"   Texaco Cars


99267 (Unknown / Spare car???)


99268 (#2 Steve Soper Car - I think it was wrecked at the Spa 24h race


99269 (#1 Klaus Ludwig Car The DTM Championship winning car - This one is Martins old car)




For the final race of the 1988 season, the 99269 car (Martins) was repainted in the Trampio colours  and taken to Japan for the Fuji 500 where it remained until Martin rescued it.




Customer Cars


ALL Egmo Customer cars were done with chassis numbers EGMO yy-nn where yy is the year and nn is the sequential chassis number for that year (eg: the Yacco EGMO 90-02  car).


Just a little more info shared ,






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found this on a website years ago, and sent a copy to Martin Johnson when he had his Texaco car which might help a bit.


The 89 Spa winning Bastos car was built from one of the 88 Texaco cars that was damaged at the spa event, so might be the Soper one, I think they entered 3 that year. £200k and its yours with a huge spares package.

The cars I am aware of are:-

Ex Martin Johnson car in Aus.

The one in New Zealand on gold centrelocks rather than the normal silver.

There is one in Germany that attends events quite regularly, I think its owned by the chap with the blue f40. Possibly one other that was retained by Ford Germany which includes a spare display engine as well.

The 89 Spa winner now in Bastos colours, now in Switzerland.

Possibly another in New Zealand/ may have been Martins car though until it went to Aus

The Texaco painted one in France owned by a rallycrosser, its an egmo car but dont think its an original Texaco car though

Any other known ones out there still?

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is the texaco car badley damaged

rebuild with possible new shell by eggenburger

now is the winning spa 24hr car showing same chassie number

99267 is an ex ringhausen car

i viewd it once in the uk for sale near bristol,

looked at the car when i had my texaco car as the chassie number was so close,

the differences where there between the cars if you know whot you are looking for,

have some pitcures somewhere,


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Quick question guys, in the 1987 season it shows on that piece of paper 99623 being a chsis number so surely wasn't that the third eggenberger car rather than the 99629 of 87?

Or am I being dumb :)

What is the 99267 is an ex ringhausen car? What livery does it wear?


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Question, the 1988 DTM was a Speedware sponsored sierra RS500 with what looks like exact same parts, Ie roll cage, engine, interior, engine management etc so what was this car? A eggenberger 87 car?

Random question I know but watching some old etcc and dtm videos and got me thinking.

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I have no info on those matters, but years later it transpired that Mr Eggenberger had access to much stronger blocks than everyone else!

They were virtually solid metal and weighed a ton apparently.

Here is a pic looking through the water pump hole of one of those "not for public consumption" versions!


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Graham Goode said in an article in Cars and Car Conversions that they had an egmo engine in for a rebuild after the racing days were over for the 500 and they could not lift the bare block off the floor it was that heavy.

Now you have him on speed dial Mark quiz him about it next time you chat  :P

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