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Andrew Kirkley

2014 race season

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Well the start of the season is fast approaching !! What to do ? unfortunately with the increased interest in the super touring car trophy it seems ( to me I stand to be corrected ) that the way to go is to own a super tourer ! I don't ! I'm struggling to see the point of possibly being the only RS 500 on the grid. But I'm signed up to do it so I'll make a decision in the next few weeks.

The BOSS series is a option  which I have raced in before & know a lot of the competitors.

On a lighter note I'm at Silverstone on Sunday 9th doing a track day with a passenger seat so hope to see a few of you Mickey S, Paul L & Dan ( Tin Tin ) & a few friends if you're free come along :-)

    All the best Andy

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Hi Andy

At last going to get my car from italy on Monday wil get it back to the uk  Friday  subject to getting my race license back and getting the car ready (lot on)

I will  try to get it out for brands so there may be 2 of us ............... Anyone know who running what  ???

Max will be out thruxton with bmw


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