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martin johnston

before and after rs500 race cars

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from what I can remember

used a second hand original body kit,

the rear quarters on the GGR car had been cut away for the thunder saloon kit

they had left just enough for the body kit to bond onto,

so we did not replace the quarters,  I know to be correct the quarters should have been replaced

but at the time, the budget did not allow,

it was a shame that when I got it, the original GGR  gauges had also gone,

so I replaced them, with stack ones,

at the time these were still available,

engine and loom where out of my old moonstone rs500

200 block build by SCS 527 BHP ( 8 x  greens and P8 with baby board and T4 )

the original diff would have been a 9"  slipper

we used the one that came with it, 9" harrop fixed spool,

common thing, as with my old Bristow thunder saloon,

the slipper on that car had been changed to fixed as well,

I was told that with the wider rear tyres the slipper diffs failed,


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when converted it was more then just wider wheels,

which is why it was the fastest and looked the lowest to the ground,

the whole boot floor was removed and lowered 3"

this stopped the rear end sitting high like most thunder saloon cars,

all fitted back to look stock,

they say if you are not cheating you are not trying!

having had both cars together,

the difference are huge,






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you aint kidding

another one I wish I kept,

still bought it for 24k  and sold it for 40k ( value today now around 100k)

had and used it for two years and did not have to do any mechanical rebuilds

very strong engines,

just for you,

before and after,



after painting and correct 1992 graphics









still one the best cars I have ever had the pleasure to own and race, 

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Hi Guys

Just picked up this thread re Martin's fantastic collection of cars.

Just like to put the record straight, the mods Dave Lampitt (Specfab) did  to the rear of the Thundersaloon in 1991 were not illegal  and we certainly were not cheating. Thundersaloons was an 'open' formula and pretty much anything went, unlike Group A.  Laurance's ex BTCC RS 500 was re-built at the end of 1991 to be quicker than it was, because although we had won the Championship in 1991 we were expecting some serious competition out there in 1992. A lot of the final development work on these mods was done by me in Nogaro in February 1992 (covered in another thread on here a couple of months ago).

I am sure Martin didn't mean we were actually cheating, but sometimes people get the wrong idea and that's how rumours start. And I have had enough of those to last ten lifetimes !!

But great pictures, and it was good to see the very 'trick' rear end again, this mod was absolutely massive on the circuit in terms of time, fantastic !!


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