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Heater matrix to water pump pipes

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This is a very special item to the rs500

Due to the much larger T4 turbo the pipe that runs between the head and turbo on the std 3 door ( heater matrix to water pump pipe ) cant fit

The pipework was revised as the new location had to go below the bigger turbo

This is a std 3 door / saff pipe


Not the rubber pipe on the left of the metal tube pointed upwards ,the metal tube then bent slightly down hill ,

The rubber item on the right of the pipe is a straight pipe

This is the RS500 item


Note the left rubber pipe faces down hill to allow the metal tube to relocate much lower to go under the bigger T4 turbo

The metal tube has quite a few kinks to miss various items and is located under the turbo rather that at the side as with the std item .

Note the rubber fitting on the right of the tube also bends down before turning to fit the water pump

Pictures of the items together



Please note that all three items are special to the rs500 ,

1, the rubber pipe from the heater matrix to the metal tube ( on the left in the pic )

2, the metal tube

3, the rubber pipe from the metal tube to the water pump ( on the right in the pic )

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