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Andrew Kirkley

Cam shipping 1988 BTCC car " Rouse built "

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Wow it certainly did have an active life, and amazing how many colour schemes it ran in, also explains how that some of the "lost" cars were right in front of us all along!

I still think the CAM colours show the lines of the car at its best, its going to look fantastic once completed, and given what the Kaliber car recently fetched, then a very worthy investment of a top spec original Rouse RS500 :-)



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Hi Kieran has been a slow process .........! It’s got to a point that it’s was getting me down to be honest. So I had a long chat with Paul & he is the known specialist in the RS500 scene so he is now doing the restoration. Leaves me free to do work to concentrate on other things knowing it’s in good hands. & to keep my sanity lol 

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