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The restoration of DJR2

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7 minutes ago, ian g said:

We hope to have 4 cars there all on track bmw tisa (u2tc) bmw e30 m3 listerine Vic Lee car ( supertoures hscc) rs500 Imberti and djr2 (legends) if there all ready lol ........so will be a busy day both Max and I will be driving he has also been asked to drive a Lola for someone 

Cool. Can i come join u? I can bring my bufty cleaning kit.. lol. 

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On 17 February 2018 at 11:22 AM, ian g said:

Hi rich the car was a race car when I bought it  but the guy who owned it had done a couple of tarmac rallys with it at his local car club ..........you must remember they didn’t really have a value and there was no where to race them it came with paperwork that had djr2 on it  I must admit I new trackstar but not Dick Johnson........I was racing a lotus cortina and a dolomite sprint in a classic series which was split up into years pre 65 pre 74 and pre 84 I I think .........they then introduced pre 90 which is why I purchased djr2

 we did one race spa with it and the club said I couldn’t race in the full championship because it was for group n cars not group a so I got a price to convert djr to group n but was advised not to go ahead with the work so I put it in barn and basically forgot about it.......my son was at Autosport (some 14 years later)he phoned me and said there was a car like ours in caltex colours (Paul’s car) I was going to the show next day so went to see Paul’s car ......being Paul he basically gave me a hail of abuse which I didn’t mind but I said to him do you want to restore it he said if it’s the car which it isn’t I will restore it for and gave me silly price.......  I said ok be in your yard Tuesday from his to mine is 3 hours ish of course it was the car and we stared restoring djr 2 paul and I have become friends we gave him his first drive on track in a group a cosworth at Silverstone  he then got his Msa license and look at him 2 race cars and driving the Bastos car at gold cup

I am very lucky and have quite a few race cars so there was no real rush but we are nearly there now and I am getting very exited to drive djr  ......I don’t usually post mainly because my English and spelling is not  great thank god for spell check i have posted this essay  mainly because we our just the owner of the car at this moment in time and with idjr being what it is we can fill in 20 years of its history 

Off topic but what Dolomite Sprint please? I had PAF 516M Grp 1 and shared parts with with RDU 983M.

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Paul where would I get the brake pipe fittings from that go through the inner wing and through the floor pan under what would be the rear seat? I have the braided pipes made but need 4 of the fittings that they go onto that screw through the panels. 

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