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The restoration of DJR2

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I am very proud to say that i have been asked to take on the task of a full nut and bolt restoration of the long time missing Dick johson number 2 rs500 race car

The car

The car was delivered to me by its owner of 13 /14 years a few months ago to view and give my opinion on .

To say i got excited is a massive understatment , lol , The car looked so unloved yet still in amazing condition .

After looking round the car i was shocked to see that the car was still very much as it should be and that the shell other than panel damage and repairs was in fantastic condition

A long chat with the cars owner ( and some serious arm twisting by myself ) we agreed a full bare shell rebuild was the way to go

The owner was set on racing the car but again after some serious ear bashing from myself we agreed to meet half way and that the car should be rebuilt to a high standard but still MUST be a car that can be used on track

The owner is posotive that others can enjoy the car and it can be used for charity rides etc at events and can also be used correctly and in anger if he feels the urge .

So, with this in mind the car was stripped to a bare shell and sent away to be dipped and coated to remove years of paint ( and a few tins of filler ) so we can start again .

As said above the car is in amazing condition , but we checked the cars chassie on a body jig and other than a small pull to the o/s chassie leg ( and we are only talking a few mill ) she was perfect and ready to go .

The car is now ready to start the body rebuild , I have managed to find a Gen ford back panel , 2 gen ford rear quater panels and a gen for bonnet landing panel . Sadly i cant find gen front wings but with a little playing about im sure i can get the none gen wings to fit well .

Well here she is , sat ready for the new panels ,Ill keep the updates coming as i go along

Thanks for looking Paul

Before dipping






On the trailer after dipping




In the workshop




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over all the 500 liveries i always loved the shell one best ,i think they should have made the 3dr cossie in red  8)

cheers james

they did James, just the one and its in Bristol, a bit chavved up in the 90s but would look good again easily enough. I agree the DJR scheme was always the one for me

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Well a little update

I got it put onto the spit today and did a little


I removed these plates that were covering the holes for the origonal quick fuel fillers




I have the origonal quick fillers


Then i removed all the old framework that held the fuel tank in place


Luckily all the origonal boot floor is untouched for the correct tank and swirl pot system

Then it was time to remove the inner rear quater alloy covers


I have another job to start tomorrow so will be back onto this middle of next week

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More great news fellas is that the owner of DJR2 has also just  bought 2 more ETCC rs500 race cars and a massive spares package of brand new eggenberger Group A parts ( some will be up for sale )

The other 2 rs500"s will be coming to me for some light resto work

Im starting to live the dream and will soon be working on rs500 race cars full time  :D

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I wished i lived closer to you Paul, so I could pop in now and again to see these cars...  Your a lucky man to work on them, and what a great reputation your building to look after them.  good on ya!!

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Im so chuffed that people are asking me to do work on the road and race car rs500"s  :D


There all special cars and im happy to work on any of them ,

Im lucky to be doing the work on DJR 2 , one of the most famous rs500 race cars in the world , but i must admit i would love to have a gen Egmo Texaco car to look at when i open the workshop doors

But if im honest i do love the G/Goode Listerine cars , loved them from day one and always wished them along in every race

I was lucky enough to go meet Mike newman and look round his listerine 500 , and what a fanatstic condition car it is

I even got to sit in it , and for 2 mins i was winning at silverstone , lol

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Ha ha paul  .should took a picture of you behind the wheel , its one I cheered on to , with mike being a local lad , but remember being in the pit lane once and rouses car use to catch my eye .it looked immaculate tidy under that bonnet .and went as well .

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