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RS 500 Registrar

The idea behind this section

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With the rs500 race cars being somthing of massive interest to me and many others i hope this section can be used to show history and up to date info on all our favourite rs500 race cars

My aim it to try and tell the story of all the famous ( and maybee not so famous ) cars

1, When they were built

2, Who built them

3, When and where they raced

4, Race wins / races finished

5, Who drove them

6, where are they now

There is a massive amount of knowlage out there and i hope with a forum like this maybee we can get this knowlage in one place where we can build a database for us all to view and enjoy

If you have any info on any cars please feel free to tell us so we can build an acurate database

Regards Paul


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