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RS 500 Registrar

Group A front uprights

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Hi Paul, probably rally but have seen these in Group A tarmac/road racing.

In the homologation papers shows these for RS500 earlier than your style.

I believe the RS500 was only homologated for road/track racing.

Will check dates of homologation tomorrow and get back to you.


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i had a new pair of these a few years ago,

should have kept them as i now find myself needing another set,

allways the way, paul do know of any more around,

do you have the exsploded drawings for these,

showing the missing parto build to build them up,


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Good to see you back in the 500 scene Martin.

If Pauls didnt come from Wolf direct then they had a set for sale on german ebay for ages last year, they may still have them.

I also remember seeing a photo of a pallet full of new bare mag rear arm for sale  at a german touring car spares dealer, I keep hunting for it without success. They used to advertise on racecar.com

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not done anything with the shell

except collect loads of parts,

now have getrag with correct bell housing and all group A original wolf running gear,

going to get it rolling later this week,

the other car ( blue one)

is in body shop and looking very nice,

should only be another week or so,

went to Germany last week and met Uwe Wolf son of the original Wolf motorsport company founder,

now the company is run by his son,

he has some more small parts for my cars and tells me that they where both raced in 1987,

his father is going to look over christmas break and get some more details for me,


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Must be a good day when you met the Wolf guy. Thought they didn't really cared about the old Fords any more. I know various people who tried to contact them for stuff and info on the Wolf Escort en Sierra Cosworths but they weren't interested.

Will you post more pic of the progres Martin?

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one cars nearly finshed

all the paint is done and has a new front and rear glass fitting tomorow

never been so busy!

in the last few months i have had three trips to germany

and been all round the uk collecting parts

i know am collecting a new dynod race engine tomorow, for the shell,

allready rebuilt the engine that came with the blue car, new turbo,

bought another getrag group A gearbox with correct long mag bellhousing,

got the correct recaro kevlar seat the other week,

my garage has now exsploded with sierra parts,

all the so called unavailable parts have been sorced,

the other shell goes into the body shop next week

for jiging and repair then new roll cage will be fitted as per the period matter cages

and then full paint in and out,

very soon i will have brought back from the dead two Wolf sierra

when it comes back to the garage i will get some pitures up. 8)


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