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Not a 500 but.. anyone know the story of this 3 door?

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I was offered this car about 2 years ago

Its a group N rally car , ( basic spec )

Jason lepley had it about 3/4 years ago for sale

Its a nice condition car but sadly the owner at the time thought it was worth much more than it was ( i think he thought it was a group A car going by his asking price , lol )

Funny thing is that today its value will be quite high as these cars are now eligable for historic rallying


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I know that reg D506 RVW is the only genuine red car :)

Here is a pic of the "topic" car when it was in UK


But how did the early rally cars start their life?

Did they buy a regular Sierra Cosworth and buy all the add on motorsport stuff?

So they have a Wf0 chassis number?

I know that one of the rally cars that was used for rallycross changed the body shell to a caged 909 shell because the alloy cage were not allowed in the 88/89 season in rallycross :)

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A little off topic, but here is a well known 3 door in a different color..

I actually like it! :)


That doesn't look to bad...but for me (if it has to be a modern colour) this is better


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