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martin johnston


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I was expecting that you would say the Eggenberger cars where the best, build quality wise ofcourse. From all the books I've red and video's I have seen all stated that the Eggenberger cars were superb. I believe they had a budget similar to F1 teams at that time.

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most original

was the Tim Harvey car

still on original paint when i got it,

most impressive build/ part quality was my Eggenbrger car

the wolf cars are simular but the Eggenberer toped it for me

Rouse cars where my about performance then show

but the germans still used the best parts,

sump / rear arms

and small touches that you only notice close up,



Did the Andy Rouse and Eggeberger boost and perform the same engine wise?

Also what 1 was the easiest to drive in anger?


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after a bit of messing about getting the beast to spark , the 001 car is alive and running. its getting real close now only a few bits and bobs and off to the rolling road for setting up . she sounds like a real racy motor ,it will be interesting to see what it goes like .

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