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martin johnston


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Amazing work on both cars Martin! But tbh I'm not to keen on that splitter on chassis no 1.

Did you know I had a Wolf car parked away aswel:



BTW a mate has got an ex DTM Group A RS Turbo and Wolf have comfirmed it was one of their cars aswell. My mate is now starting a build of a HWRT RS1600i  :)

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Hello Martin

To be fair they suit the wide rears down to a T.

With all the group A sierras you have owned what's been the best quality build with the shell engine etc from Andy Rouse to the wolf cars and so on?

My favourite from yours was the listerine Graham Goode car the livery suited it.


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most original

was the Tim Harvey car

still on original paint when i got it,

most impressive build/ part quality was my Eggenbrger car

the wolf cars are simular but the Eggenberer toped it for me

Rouse cars where my about performance then show

but the germans still used the best parts,

sump / rear arms

and small touches that you only notice close up,



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