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Resto of Moonstone ( Finished 2014 ) #489

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Most of you will remember this car or will have seen it for sale over the last year


The car was owned by Martin Johnston a few years ago and Martin modded the car and used it for things like Ten of the Best etc


Anyway i am putting the car back to near std so thought i would do a little thread


The car as it was




Now with stickers removed and std indicators etc back in




The car had a rather race car looking dash , so back to std please , lol






Dash out




The clocks had this horrid metal look so back to std


I had to change over the speedo to keep the same miles on the new clocks


The metal look clocks




The new clocks but with more miles




The speedos removed from both clocks






The rebuild










The rebuild of the new std dash





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I agree, this car was always known as a top spec highly modded one, going to look lovely on them centrelocks.

I believe Terry Storey spent a fortune on the car before martin as well.

He sure did Paul

I think im going as std as poss under the bonnet , ie, red rocker cover , std hoses and air box , but powder coat the strut brace / alloy header tank all satin black ?

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Sorry for the crap pics but its dark in the workshop at this time of year  :(

Well the dash is now completed , plus a few interior bits and bobs changed for better condition items

I just need to change the steering wheel for a mint std item now , but as i havent got one in stock the momo will stay for now


For some reason the bottom looks a different colour in the pics but fine in the flesh  :o


Having said that i did scrub the top section before fitting so a good clean on the bottom parts may help


A good polish on the outside has worked wonders  :)


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