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Brock/Mobil Sierra Auction

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Interesting Price this car has reached with plenty of auction time to go.

One o f the commodores is over $1.5m 2 x time Bathurst winner

The actual history of this car hasn't yet been nailed beyond reasonable doubt I believe.

I believe Neville could shed some more light on this cars lineage.

One word gents. provenance, provenance, provenance.  Sorry thats 3.

The long time owner hasn't put a whole heap of energy into provenance as its not why he started his Brock Collection.

This doesn't mean the sierra isn't a genuine Group A car


Flared guards and Simmons wheels 





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why some people do  this  i never understand,,,,look like the shell was the mideckie yokohama  in some period after accident put away,,,,the parts  going in other car,,,,then somwone  rebuild with mix parts  from here and there,,,,,  and try to  link with brock  heritage  but the only common is that used like promo car ,,,,,,never run by peter perfect,,,,,i believe iits better to  create the yoko,,more original,,,,,,

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