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A little bit of history found

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Well I'm so very pleased to say that today I collected a fantastic piece of Rs500 race car history . 

Im sure we have all seen and read Jerry Mahony s posts and seen the pictures and stories about his race cars and the Arquati show / promo car they had back in the day ,, well I found it and am now the very proud owner . 

I text Jerry some pictures as I found it and he was as pleased as I was that it's now in safe hands and will be detail restored to new 







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I just couldn't wait and within 10 mins of being home I washed the old girl off 

now I will start collecting parts and the shell will be stripped / blasted and treated to new panels as required , then repainted in a nice new coat of white 







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Hi Paul

It goes without saying that I was more than a little surprised when I got your text yesterday morning with the enclosed photos.

It is great that you have managed to find and buy the old girl and I know that she will be restored to a very high standard over the next year or two, I can’t wait to see the finished result.

I have enclosed a couple of pictures from back in the day which may be on the website anyway, the first picture shows the car part built and the second the finished product.

The car was primarily used for display at any of Evans Halshaws 9 RS dealerships, part of my contract with them was that I would do a Q & A session at each dealership through the season and the car was normally put on display in their showroom a week prior to these evenings, these  were usually well attended and always over-ran their time slot. It was not possible to take the race car to the dealerships due to the frequency of the races, testing etc.

The car originally was a 2 year old 1600GL 3 door Sierra that was stripped and converted by Roger and the guys at the workshop, they did the whole job in 3 weeks!!

There were many wind-ups with this car as well when we first had it and took it to the races. We particularly wound up Smithy with it as I had told him it was a qualifying car with a special bored out 2.5 litre engine!! Robb of course knew I was on a wind up, but Mike was on full cry for a couple of days. It still had the original 1600 Pinto engine so would not have pulled the skin off a rice pudding.





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