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  1. Its not a resto ,,,,Honest ,,

    Looks cracking that Paul
  2. Rebuild Of My Graham Goode Racing 3DR

    Mark any pics of this car when it was rallied & what colour scheme you doing it ?
  3. Rebuild Of My Graham Goode Racing 3DR

    Wrk escort any pics I didn't know u had he lol
  4. Rebuild Of My Graham Goode Racing 3DR

    Nice work mate any pics of the engine or is it not built yet ?
  5. Aqua Blasting??

    Thanks Paul & yes Mark brakes need another little bleed what a pig to bleed with that silly ABS system im desperate for a set of light grey original HT leads for it its my mission to find them lol
  6. Aqua Blasting??

    Done 90 miles in it to the west of Scotland rs day mate then tucked it up lol
  7. Aqua Blasting??

    [img width=800 height=600]http://i468.photobucket.com/albums/rr43/Carlo_cossie/Mobile%20Uploads/2014-06/21FDCF8B-9E6B-49D7-AEDB-2FEE30339270_1.jpg [img width=450 height=600]http://i468.photobucket.com/albums/rr43/Carlo_cossie/Mobile%20Uploads/2014-06/07E99040-174A-4601-AE24-AB828757489E_1.jpg Thank mark looks good all back together [img width=800 height=600]http://i468.photobucket.com/albums/rr43/Carlo_cossie/Mobile%20Uploads/B331FA54-476E-4B61-98EC-D0B2D6B810C3.jpg [img width=800 height=600]http://i468.photobucket.com/albums/rr43/Carlo_cossie/Mobile%20Uploads/339F9323-4ECE-4997-8B8B-23EE07F24B6A.jpg [img width=800 height=600]http://i468.photobucket.com/albums/rr43/Carlo_cossie/Mobile%20Uploads/0684AF0D-D5B0-4A75-B339-708C331780AE.jpg
  8. Aqua Blasting??

    Very nice mate you have some set up you should show more sites what you can o stuff looks really good
  9. Rebuild Of My Graham Goode Racing 3DR

    Cool mate , her e I Russell old engine in a mk1 focus 720 bhp Harvey engine
  10. Aqua Blasting??

    Delighted with my parts mate what a difference
  11. Rebuild Of My Graham Goode Racing 3DR

    Very nice mate , any more updates ? Engine ?
  12. Aqua Blasting??

    Cracking result mate thanks for the quick turnaround
  13. Rebuild Of My Graham Goode Racing 3DR

    Some stunning parts there mate
  14. Rebuild Of My Graham Goode Racing 3DR

    Updates bitch ?