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  1. Real credit to your work mate. Impressive!
  2. These pics were on facebook.
  3. It has a cage, so it would be rude not to track it
  4. Shortly is 5 months?
  5. You must have paid the premium for that. Amazing find.
  6. For 100 quid I might even want a set for my 3dr. Easy swap
  7. Have you contacted them Paul? Maybe they can do a batch. They fitted pretty good I can remember.
  8. Thanks mate. I try to get it here in NL.
  9. Didn't Autospecialists do copy's a few years ago?
  10. Great work Daz. Photo pages are much better.
  11. Would this tape be strong enough to hold a 500 lower spoiler to the bootlid?
  12. Wasnt this Billiams (rsoc) car? looks great Paul
  13. Hi Rich, welcome to the forums. I do remember your name from passionford, couple of years ago, I believe. Looking forward to pics of the car.
  14. I am so jealous. Really top work.
  15. And that particular car from Pete Hall went to Peter Brock as the second of the Mobil Sierra's in 89.