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  1. Amazing car this is. Not many race Group A Saphires are around anymore. Most of the Saphires are rally cars. Here you can just spot it at the back of the picture at the 1990 Nurburgring 24h grid.
  2. Was about to say the same. Love a Flint Grey Sapphire.
  3. Real credit to your work mate. Impressive!
  4. These pics were on facebook.
  5. It has a cage, so it would be rude not to track it
  6. Shortly is 5 months?
  7. You must have paid the premium for that. Amazing find.
  8. For 100 quid I might even want a set for my 3dr. Easy swap
  9. Have you contacted them Paul? Maybe they can do a batch. They fitted pretty good I can remember.
  10. Thanks mate. I try to get it here in NL.
  11. Didn't Autospecialists do copy's a few years ago?
  12. Great work Daz. Photo pages are much better.
  13. Would this tape be strong enough to hold a 500 lower spoiler to the bootlid?
  14. Wasnt this Billiams (rsoc) car? looks great Paul
  15. Hi Rich, welcome to the forums. I do remember your name from passionford, couple of years ago, I believe. Looking forward to pics of the car.