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  1. My new rs500 track toy.

    Looks very good, can't go wrong with that livery.
  2. Manchester classic car show

    Looking great
  3. Restoration of a special 1 owner rs500

    Certainly not a simple tidy up
  4. Andy Rouse chassis Numbers

    Yes it is. Most people are very private with these cars now. In one way I get it. But on the other hand, why dont share your pride and joy with other enthousiasts.
  5. Andy Rouse chassis Numbers

    If what the owner is telling is correct we have the chassis number and full history. Just not allowed to publicly share it...
  6. Andy Rouse chassis Numbers

    It is one of the 88 cars according to the owner. Lots of things changed though. Suspension, wheels, air jack nozzle, cage.
  7. Restoration of a special 1 owner rs500

    It sure has been used well
  8. 3Dr Cosworth

  9. Cam Shipping 30 years old rebuild time

    Great work Andy!
  10. That Cosmo livery looks groovy doesn’t it
  11. Glad we could finally confirm all these years of the car being in Asia
  12. The restoration of DJR2

    Haha Ian, that made me laugh
  13. You are right Robert, I checked my files. Clearly says Australian living in the UK + the name. But won't post the name on here for obvious reasons. The Carter car should be in Adelaide if I have been informed correctly.
  14. The restoration of DJR2

    Excellent work!
  15. I know who owns the Carter car, but haven’t been able to speak to him. It’s a long term owner. The Rouse ANZ car is back in the UK now I believe.
  16. Are you sure? Look at the air jack lance on top of the right front wing. Your ANZ car always had that in the side of the wing as far as I can remember. Carter's car had the lance on top on each pic.
  17. A new car found

    Yes things keep quite, then suddenly pop up.
  18. A new car found

    The owners are doing a restoration on it. That' s all I know.
  19. GrpA AP front brakes

    Who does race a white Group A Sierra then?
  20. GrpA AP front brakes

    A yellow group a car by chance?
  21. What cars are still missing.

    I don't know what is the reason for that black inside. I do believe the Trampio car was the first EGMO customer car. That car ran almost the entire 1988 JTCC season. So that was build while they were still running the Texaco cars. The red Eggenberger car also did hill climb events in the middle of 1988. And Moffat debuted his first EGMO Sierra in April of 1988.
  22. What cars are still missing.

    Most of the Eggenberger build cars where black inside. The only non black inside cars I know of are the Speedware DTM, Trampio JTCC, a hill climb car that first was owned by a Swiss driver and later raced in some Italian events and a French rallycross car.
  23. What cars are still missing.

    I have no idea where the Rouse 87 cars are. We do know the 1987 Moffat ANZ car of course. But Andy's BTCC cars, the red WTCC car and at least 1 more are unknown. The Moffat car was chassis 5 for 1987. That would mean there are 4 more I would say. I understood the red WTCC car got sold to Japan. And was driven by Andy and Naoki Nagasaka in the WTCC round at Fuji. Nagasaka also drove a RHD car in 1988. In 1989 he drove the Dunlop liveried Rouse Sierra which was was chassis 7 of 1988.
  24. What cars are still missing.

    Good to have you collaborating drbob That car Rich is talking about on the trailer is the #9 Moffat Eggenberger ANZ car. Both the owner and Rüdi Eggenberger told me that car ran the opening round of the 1988 ETCC at Monza as a Texaco car. After that it was sent to Moffat. However Moffat still says both his Eggenberger cars were brand new when he got them. I would find it suspicious if the #10 1989 ANZ car was a Texaco car. We all know they ran the Texaco cars in 87 and 88. But there happend a lot of more weird things in that period. So who knows
  25. What cars are still missing.

    I heard Martins old car was back in the UK but don’t know the owner. The one on that trailer isn’t one of the missing cars. The car Ford Germany owns is vague, it can be either be am 87 or 88 car. That would mean there should be another one.