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  1. Totaly original rs500 for sale

    Can't believe how fast these cars keep selling.
  2. New owner of DJR 1

    Dont think it can get any better.
  3. Andy Rouse chassis Numbers

    Correct, but Larkham was never mentioned on the car. I doubt he even drove the car on race dat.
  4. Sad times

    Very sad to hear this. He will be missed in the motorsport community.
  5. Andy Rouse chassis Numbers

    Oran park Pepsi 300 in 1989. Its the Rouse Kaliber Sierra from 1988.
  6. Bathurst 1988 Bathurst 1989 Oran Park 1990 Last what I have seen of it. ANZ decals were put on because of the Adelaide Motorsport Festival were it was on display.
  7. Search option

    It's back now
  8. Search option

    When I open the forum on my phone I see the search option, when I open it on my computer it's gone for some reason...
  9. Search option

    On the top right is a magnifyingglass good to have you back Ben.
  10. Listerine rs500 Group A race car (SOLD )

    Good luck with the sale Paul!
  11. No need for confirmation from Paul, Gravetts 1990 car is in the UK. Don't think I am allowed to tell more about it. The pic of the actual Speedware car was taken by myself at the Nurburgring 2 weeks ago.
  12. That looks amazing Rich! A long time ago there was a guy in the UK who also had this livery on a car iirc. But this looks waaaaaaaaaay better. Last weekend I had a good look around the original car, still a very fast car.
  13. Andy Rouse chassis Numbers

    I know the Speedware DTM winning car also has them fitted. What I have understood from the Motorcraft liveried car is that is was the test mule for the Cosworth used by Rouse.
  14. Restoration of Rs500 #406

    Again amazing work Paul. On to the next one
  15. Andy Rouse chassis Numbers

    I've learned you could get 909 chassis rails as an extra to siffen up the car.
  16. Labbats Car

    Believe it's also technically modified compared to when Martin owned it for example.
  17. What's the story with this one?

    It's the Bristow car yes. Still had the wheels fitted of when it raced in Japan.
  18. New member introduction

    Great looking cars!
  19. GpA shapphire

    Amazing car this is. Not many race Group A Saphires are around anymore. Most of the Saphires are rally cars. Here you can just spot it at the back of the picture at the 1990 Nurburgring 24h grid.

    Was about to say the same. Love a Flint Grey Sapphire.

    Real credit to your work mate. Impressive!
  22. Andy Rouse chassis Numbers

    These pics were on facebook.
  23. Rebuild Of My Graham Goode Racing 3DR

    Shortly is 5 months?

    You must have paid the premium for that. Amazing find.