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  1. What cars are still missing.

    I have no idea where the Rouse 87 cars are. We do know the 1987 Moffat ANZ car of course. But Andy's BTCC cars, the red WTCC car and at least 1 more are unknown. The Moffat car was chassis 5 for 1987. That would mean there are 4 more I would say. I understood the red WTCC car got sold to Japan. And was driven by Andy and Naoki Nagasaka in the WTCC round at Fuji. Nagasaka also drove a RHD car in 1988. In 1989 he drove the Dunlop liveried Rouse Sierra which was was chassis 7 of 1988.
  2. What cars are still missing.

    Good to have you collaborating drbob That car Rich is talking about on the trailer is the #9 Moffat Eggenberger ANZ car. Both the owner and Rüdi Eggenberger told me that car ran the opening round of the 1988 ETCC at Monza as a Texaco car. After that it was sent to Moffat. However Moffat still says both his Eggenberger cars were brand new when he got them. I would find it suspicious if the #10 1989 ANZ car was a Texaco car. We all know they ran the Texaco cars in 87 and 88. But there happend a lot of more weird things in that period. So who knows
  3. What cars are still missing.

    I heard Martins old car was back in the UK but don’t know the owner. The one on that trailer isn’t one of the missing cars. The car Ford Germany owns is vague, it can be either be am 87 or 88 car. That would mean there should be another one.
  4. What cars are still missing.

    Sadly I don’t, but did a lot on work researching them. 4 of the 6 are known and all seam ligit. 1 car is a bit vague. Means 1 is missing.
  5. What cars are still missing.

    We currently miss one of the 6 Texaco cars. You would be amazed how many cars still exist. One of the French Bavaria Automobiles cars is for sale. Dont think that is on racecarsdirect.
  6. New owner of DJR 1

    The pic actually is from the 89 season. And yes it’s Pauls car that was driven by Volker Weidler at the Nurburgring GP strecke round. The Ringhausen team actually used 3 different chassis’ in 1989.
  7. New owner of DJR 1

    I do hope you will visit us here from time to time Andy
  8. Totaly original rs500 for sale

    Can't believe how fast these cars keep selling.
  9. New owner of DJR 1

    Dont think it can get any better.
  10. Andy Rouse chassis Numbers

    Correct, but Larkham was never mentioned on the car. I doubt he even drove the car on race dat.
  11. Sad times

    Very sad to hear this. He will be missed in the motorsport community.
  12. Andy Rouse chassis Numbers

    Oran park Pepsi 300 in 1989. Its the Rouse Kaliber Sierra from 1988.
  13. Bathurst 1988 Bathurst 1989 Oran Park 1990 Last what I have seen of it. ANZ decals were put on because of the Adelaide Motorsport Festival were it was on display.
  14. Search option

    It's back now
  15. Search option

    When I open the forum on my phone I see the search option, when I open it on my computer it's gone for some reason...