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  1. Severn valley thundersaloon

    The yellow one wasn't a genuine Group A touring car, it was an ex Collins car where they put the Thunder Saloon kit on. They did own or maintain a genuine one though.
  2. Jerry Mahony Racing Pictures

    Haha cool pic Jerry. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun. Would be cool to get you all back in a RS500 for some laps around a track.
  3. Finally got myself a Gp.A RS500

    Basically, it had 2 owners after Brock in New Zealand. They raced it in various national / club level championships until the car was sold to the UK.
  4. Finally got myself a Gp.A RS500

    I am not sure if Rupert is very active on here at this moment but we have figured out the complete history of the car
  5. Good decision letting Paul do the work. He's the best with these cars
  6. What cars are still missing.

    I have also heard that Volvo story. But Eggenberger did built a few cars that weren't black inside. For example the Trampio car and the red car for Claude-Fran├žois Jeanneret.
  7. My new rs500 track toy.

    Looks very good, can't go wrong with that livery.
  8. Manchester classic car show

    Looking great
  9. Restoration of a special 1 owner rs500

    Certainly not a simple tidy up
  10. Andy Rouse chassis Numbers

    Yes it is. Most people are very private with these cars now. In one way I get it. But on the other hand, why dont share your pride and joy with other enthousiasts.
  11. Andy Rouse chassis Numbers

    If what the owner is telling is correct we have the chassis number and full history. Just not allowed to publicly share it...
  12. Andy Rouse chassis Numbers

    It is one of the 88 cars according to the owner. Lots of things changed though. Suspension, wheels, air jack nozzle, cage.
  13. Restoration of a special 1 owner rs500

    It sure has been used well
  14. 3Dr Cosworth

  15. Cam Shipping 30 years old rebuild time

    Great work Andy!