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  1. Bbs e50 centre lock help 3dr

    ye that's mine #494 genuine e50s
  2. Bbs e50 centre lock help 3dr

    my ics car runs zero front and 0.5 rears, but on eggenberger hubs you need to machine the centres to run on a road car with adaptors to give the proper offset look in effect making the wheels useless for anything else
  3. Labbats Car

    didn't sell , made 180k and didnt meet reserve, I find it strange that the road car also made 122k
  4. 30th Anniversary

    im up for a goodwood visit if you get the invite , would be awesome
  5. some of moonstone #494

    had her at Scottish car show on sunday
  6. some of moonstone #494

    I have a mate that was putting a set of AGS on his car but they wouldn't fit ,wrong offset,he sent them back ,rears fouled the inner forward wheel arch and the fronts wouldnt turn without hitting the bumper and the arch just check with them regarding offset etc
  7. some of moonstone #494

    new wheels! , only had them 7years! thought id better fit them lol [img width=400 height=600]http://i1179.photobucket.com/albums/x399/oldskoolfords2/DSC_2735.jpg
  8. Where have all the race cars gone??

    Erm! guilty. i have some stashed away ,but most are in collections now anyway, too much value in them to thrash around a track. dave jarman was driving the primera that went head on into the audi ,hes ok btw there isn't a series I know of apart from the cscc saloons they would be competitive in
  9. Shell Prep Companies For RS500 Builds

    could have done that years ago lol, wolfs coming on ok but slow due to work etc
  10. Shell Prep Companies For RS500 Builds

    probably leave plain white for now usual eggenberger alloy hubs /rr arms and cl e50s . you could send me some nice new stuff up mark ? and ill livery up in your colours?
  11. Shell Prep Companies For RS500 Builds

    actually that shell wasn't that bad , ive rectified all the issues with it and its now in paint
  12. Help and info on a car needed

    that's exactly why I sold it , too much work to put it back as it should be good luck to him, ive been looking for my other pics and vids of this car but cant find them at present :'(