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  1. Whats the story with this one..

    didnt that mogul car get wrote off hitting barriers on the autobahn after suffering a blow out paul? cheers james
  2. Whats the story with this one..

    i kind of remeber that paul ,2wd saff british racing green? was the article in autocar ? i think frank grabbed the jesus handle at 180mph lol cheers james
  3. Whats the story with this one..

    hmmmmmmmmm that looks decent enough value for money. the mo5,s look good on it too cheers james
  4. 1 for the Road and 1 for the track?

    cheers lee im actually thinking of putting a ls3 in the bay for some trouble free track days cheers james
  5. Rebuild Of My Graham Goode Racing 3DR

    mark you sure know how to build cars up properly,with no expense spared cheers james
  6. 1 for the Road and 1 for the track?

    unfortunatley mine is only a pretend kaliber replica :( i spoke to phil collard who rallycrossed it after it done a stint in the thundersaloons. he actually bought it from a place near the old miniworld place in london[south i think]after seeing it by chance in a industrial estate.he had sponsorship from mountune and he had the bulkhead mover back to try get it to handle better during racing .phil worked at ford and had great contacts in boreham etc and spent a fortune on the car but said it was to late really and their were far superior handling cars racing by then. no matter how hard i try ,i always run into a brickwall trying to trace the cars history before phil bought it :'(. in the new year i hope to start rebuilding it to a half decent spec back in its hayday [img width=800 height=557]http://i705.photobucket.com/albums/ww55/jaykay_01/kaliber%20car/mycalibercar9.jpg and a pic with the brooklyn rep and last one of the engine relocation [img width=800 height=600]http://i705.photobucket.com/albums/ww55/jaykay_01/kaliber%20car/kalibercossieengine21.jpg cheers james

    fantastic pic and new screensaver for me thanks martin cheers james
  8. Ford Motorsport ID plates

    cool paul ,i would love to know when the first shells got the gpa treatment yes top ones mine cheers james
  9. Ford Motorsport ID plates

    have you any pics of ids earlier than 85 paul? cheers james
  10. are these hubs period correct

    mark ,finishing anything was never my strong point ,but my wife says im a great starter im happy just pottering with them lol cheers james
  11. are these hubs period correct

    lol thats all i need in my life now mark ,another project for the long finger :o cheers james
  12. are these hubs period correct

    thats a bit lairy mark whats it running?
  13. Rebuild Of My Graham Goode Racing 3DR

    awesomely tight :D fpmsl cheers james
  14. are these hubs period correct

    thats true mark ,possibly not worth doing it i have a new mk adjustable beam with a jag diff like rods saff to go in it and the tko box .a 500 engine would be sweet alright lol,i think i would have to rob a bank first cheers james
  15. Rebuild Of My Graham Goode Racing 3DR

    stunning build mark i dont think too many people could do what you have done so far especially finding original parts .its a credit to you cheers james