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  1. The restoration of DJR2

    Off topic but what Dolomite Sprint please? I had PAF 516M Grp 1 and shared parts with with RDU 983M.
  2. Did anyone from here go? I only knew about it from a pic on Facebook showing someone en route?
  3. New RS500 engine, consider selling

    Do you any idea how much you may want please?
  4. Did we ever get any prices on these?
  5. A little bit of history found

    I think there may be a cut off front end for sale somewhere down near the Wash area Paul... will see if I can find out more.
  6. Do you have any prices please?
  7. Goodwood Group A race entry list

    Hear the Welsh marshals have been chatting you up too Paul ;-)
  8. 3DR Cosworth Shells

    Hi Aron, I am the guy Paul chatted to. I have a considerable amount of 500 spares amongst other things... so will email you direct if that's OK?
  9. Left msg Paul - the moony model needs a new home pal ;-0
  10. Rs500 Display at Ford Fair ( list added )

    Nearly there, just been out checking that darned oil leak again... gggrrr but that won't stop us ;-)
  11. how long have you had your 500's ?

    What about the ones when its on the trailer behind you Peter???
  12. Modified or Standard

    Well you know my thoughts... but you want more power than stage 3 so there is only one option, I'll take yours in part payment for 14.... ...and if you believe that.... lol ;_0
  13. cinders can go to the ball...

    Yeah but, no but... I am a vegetarian - quorn OK Looking forward to waking up after a great breakfast in our nice pub just down the road and arriving fresh faced and cheery. Phwoar!!!
  14. Special Guest at Ford Fair

    Nice one boss - will bring my laptop and pics from Silverstone