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  1. Goodwood

    My pleasure, sorry it took a while ,lol. the best part is that the current owner tracked me down a few months back and called me up , we spoke for about an hour about the car and cossies in General , he has two now ,doesnt do the internet and apparently neither car are recognised by the registrar,you may wish to confirm this but it does point to many car still surviving under the radar . I enjoyed the car for a while , i was always a bit short of doing it justice TBH tho and was hankering to go racing , when it sold it gave me the cash to have a go .. These were VERY happy days !
  2. Goodwood

    Bought it as a basket case needing a rebuild .
  3. Goodwood

    I used to do trackdays with my one in the mid nineties too , this was Goodwood before the facelift
  4. Eggenberger Trampio RS500.

    Probably was , and will be again soon .
  5. Hi Andy , you at the show on Thursday mate , if you are i may be able to help ( possibly ) . there is a Book , the bible of JTCC GpA period ,ive only ever seen one edition of it at Alex's but it has all the cars and liveries of all the races in the 88-?? 92 maybe period . We did a quick trawl thru it when trying to verify his Trampio cars liveries as they changed a bit over the years . Paul S , initially Trampio used a RHD Rouse Car for the first part of 88 but it proved unreliable , it was replaced by a New build Eggenberger car for Klaus in '89 but there was also a LHD Rouse car that was used in different livery , im not sure if this was converted or a later fresh build rouse car . Would be interesting to know .
  6. Anybody use these de humidified Tents, whos the best supplier and what sizes etc.. ? TCS
  7. Eggenberger Trampio RS500.

    What you have to remember is that Trampio is ( or was ) a Toyo tyre so the name gets bandied around quite a lot ! The other liveries are all mainly other cars,certainly the RHD cars anyway , the car Alex has is quite easy to spot in various pics, it has a distinctive positioning of the Quickfills , the left side in particular is well down and farback compared to most ! Also the cage , or lack of it is very easy to see, there is NO Diagonal Cross Brace at all only vertical uprights from tunnel /seat sqaub to central hoop ! Probably wouldnt get away with that these days as you need a diagonal behind the driver at least
  8. Eggenberger build private owned

    "Dickey "then , nah , doesnt seem right ,lol
  9. Eggenberger build private owned

    Makes " Rousey " a word too then ,lol
  10. My new toy

    Well done Paul , i hope its all you dreamed of mate
  11. Eggenberger Trampio RS500.

    It really is very original Paul , the interior could be hoovered and polished and left alone ! Underneath needs a good going over and of course anything metal or alloy needs a proper sort out ,the atmosphere in Asia eats cars alive as you know . Any of the spares that are well wrapped are ok but a lot of the metal parts show some corrosion . The Radio inside the car is is a briliant old thing and still has a whole packet of Eggenberger cable ties holding it in !!
  12. Eggenberger Trampio RS500.

    youre right , i cant find him mate ,sorry .