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  1. Andy Rouse chassis Numbers

    Good news that the car is known, shame about so much cloak and dagger with all the chassis numbers, to be fair it’s seems that way across the board for Sierra RS500’s now.
  2. Andy Rouse chassis Numbers

    Sounds good Roy, you’ve got a chassis number to add to the first page? Any history on it?
  3. Andy Rouse chassis Numbers

    A friend of mine sent me this picture, this was taken in 2016. Anybody has any information? Looks like a 1989 car but in the 1988 livery.
  4. Cam shipping 1988 BTCC car " Rouse built "

    Great read Andrew. Keep the pictures and updates coming. Great looking car from the yellow then to the CAM shipping
  5. A new car found

    Nice good to hear Roy! The whole Grp A rs500 scene seems to be on the hush hush. Rob Grevett car has been restored and no news from Paul.
  6. New owner of DJR 1

    Very lucky man Paul! You've done the work and time in the Ford scene so time for you to have your reward
  7. A new car found

    So did anything come of this car?
  8. Andy Rouse chassis Numbers

    Anyone know this car? Saw it have a Andy Rouse Engineering tag but didn't have time to look at numbers.
  9. Andy Rouse chassis Numbers

    Cheers Roy, I heard somewhere that was a chassis number that went to Europe and Japan, must of crossed wires.
  10. Motorsport Magazine

    Win Percy?
  11. Motorsport Magazine

    Sierra cosworth?
  12. Motorsport Magazine

    Pete hall or was that a 3dr?
  13. Andy Rouse chassis Numbers

    ARE 0787 has been added which is the Dunlop JTCC car.
  14. Andy Rouse chassis Numbers

    Any body have the chassis number on the CMS car? Was this 0387?!
  15. EGMO 9002 for sale.

    Hmmmm the lead Bastos car has already surfaced and is the 1 for sale. Would this mean that the egmo car is the No2 car?