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  1. Texaco ( eggenberger ) rs500s

    So what’s the story behind this one then?
  2. DJR Chassis No.5

    Hi all, Hope all is well in these very odd and troubled times. As per usual when I'm bored or have a minute to think I always come back to how great these Sierra Rs500 race cars are. This lead me onto to Dick Johnson chassis No.5 which won Bathurst Tooheys 1000 in 1989 which other than a few articles I can't seem to find many pictures of the car now, so lets see what you have then??
  3. Finally got myself a Gp.A RS500

    What a great bit of history you have right there. Do you have the history of the car with what happened in 1990?
  4. Andy Rouse chassis Numbers

    Hi Roy, Was any information allowed to be passed on about the Kaliber car? Does anyone have any information on other chassis numbers?
  5. Cam shipping 1988 BTCC car " Rouse built "

    Sounds good, when is Paul hoping to start the restoration? What livery are you going for as you have many to choose from?
  6. Cam shipping 1988 BTCC car " Rouse built "

    How you getting on with this Andy?
  7. Jerry Mahony Racing Pictures

    I’m sure we are well overdue on a tale Jerry? Did you use a new shell for the 89 season due to the shell twisting in the 88 season?
  8. The restoration of DJR2

    Any more updates?!
  9. What cars are still missing.

    I could be wrong but from memory wasn’t there a Volvo sprayers down the road from Eggenberger? All the cars was sprayed in this place which was a shade of Volvo black?
  10. Andy Rouse chassis Numbers

    Good news that the car is known, shame about so much cloak and dagger with all the chassis numbers, to be fair it’s seems that way across the board for Sierra RS500’s now.
  11. Andy Rouse chassis Numbers

    Sounds good Roy, you’ve got a chassis number to add to the first page? Any history on it?
  12. Andy Rouse chassis Numbers

    A friend of mine sent me this picture, this was taken in 2016. Anybody has any information? Looks like a 1989 car but in the 1988 livery.
  13. Cam shipping 1988 BTCC car " Rouse built "

    Great read Andrew. Keep the pictures and updates coming. Great looking car from the yellow then to the CAM shipping
  14. A new car found

    Nice good to hear Roy! The whole Grp A rs500 scene seems to be on the hush hush. Rob Grevett car has been restored and no news from Paul.
  15. New owner of DJR 1

    Very lucky man Paul! You've done the work and time in the Ford scene so time for you to have your reward