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  1. Andy Rouse chassis Numbers

    Anyone know this car? Saw it have a Andy Rouse Engineering tag but didn't have time to look at numbers.
  2. Andy Rouse chassis Numbers

    Cheers Roy, I heard somewhere that was a chassis number that went to Europe and Japan, must of crossed wires.
  3. Motorsport Magazine

    Win Percy?
  4. Motorsport Magazine

    Sierra cosworth?
  5. Motorsport Magazine

    Pete hall or was that a 3dr?
  6. Andy Rouse chassis Numbers

    ARE 0787 has been added which is the Dunlop JTCC car.
  7. Andy Rouse chassis Numbers

    Any body have the chassis number on the CMS car? Was this 0387?!
  8. EGMO 9002 for sale.

    Hmmmm the lead Bastos car has already surfaced and is the 1 for sale. Would this mean that the egmo car is the No2 car?
  9. Andy Rouse chassis Numbers

    Thinking about ARE cars and reading some interesting paragraphs had me looking through some more pictures. 1 in particular was the Macau guia Tim Harvey car and seeing photos the car in question does have a blue inside colour, which would correspond with a paragraph I read that said this was he's labatt's Sierra ARE 0389, shows how far these cars got around.
  10. EGMO 9002 for sale.

    So what's the history on this car Paul? Bastos and yacco
  11. List of rs500 touring cars at NEC autosport show

    Seen a few photos so far looks good! whats the deal on the fina car? well done Paul
  12. Texaco ( eggenberger ) rs500s

    Yeah completely agree just nice to have a solid confirmation unless I've misread what's gone on. Very difficult to get a 100% on a car with mislead information. Would it it be worth writing the full info on all cars.
  13. Pistonheads rs500 artical

    Great read! I love the Sierra Cosworth in black as standard trim, not so much with the RS500
  14. Texaco ( eggenberger ) rs500s

    Now we know that the 99268 was used in the 1989 season as Bastos No1 car would that suggest 99267 was the Bastos No2 car? seeing as 99269 was used in the DTM in 89.
  15. Texaco ( eggenberger ) rs500s

    Sorry my quote was about martins old car texaco livery 99269 Regarding the bastos livery the names on the side are from 1989 and the livery is 1990, it's missing livery stickers from the 1990. If you look closely on the swag line from the door handle you can see it.