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  1. Steering Racks

    Hello. I have always wondered what kind of steering racks was used in the BTCC Sierra`s? Or Rallycars for that matter?
  2. RS500 Heatshield and firewall soundeadning fabric

    Thanks for reply I know.. Its not easy to find those parts, Its not easy to find RHD Sierra`s at all over here :/
  3. I am looking for a RS500 heat shield and some soundeadning fabric.
  4. Another cool clip, this time its DJR #4 and #5

    Agree Roy 4 hours would be perfect! He has always claimed 680bhp.. I have also heard that the exhaust housing had been ported (I think he had some friends inside the Garrett company)
  5. cosworth 200 blocked engine ( T4 ETC )

    I have a friend here in Norway that is very interested in this engine.. Is it possible to ship it in a crate?? And how much will something like that cost? I can sort shipping mate . but will need a addy to quote
  6. AP Racing rear brake setup

    OK.. Maybe I should just keep them Look what I found behind my diff cover Not a standard or quaife unit.. Is this ZF?
  7. Not a 500 but...

    Best color for a 3door!! Looking good!!
  8. AP Racing rear brake setup

    Hmm.. OK.. Yeah I remember The papers say it should have ZF diff.. But it feel like a standard diff.. I have to check it out The gearbox looks like a normal T5 unit.. I was told they changed the clutch here in Norway.. but the clutch was worn out when I took the car apart.. I think some of the good expensive parts is lost on the way.. Is there a way to see if the box has quaife internals?
  9. AP Racing rear brake setup

    Cool! Strange how many parts they made to get the cars on the track I thought it was much work to get all the parts trough the homologation..?
  10. AP Racing rear brake setup

    Yes I know about the Getrag boxes But I have a document that says it has GRA gears..? I can take a picture of those documents
  11. AP Racing rear brake setup

    The rear hubs are modified to fit these brackets. I have seen that Andy Rouse used modified standard rear carriers on his racers.. And from reading the papers that came with my car, it seams like the original owner actually knew Mr Rouse. Its madness to remove these parts from the car, but its not allowed to have hydraulic handbrake connected to the brakelines. Another thing is that my gearbox has fitted group A gears.. what is that?? different ratios?
  12. Hello. I have decided to put my car back to original.. And I think there are some rare parts that maybe should find its way back to RS500 race cars. They need some paint stripper and some new paint.. I removed the rear brakes, And wonder if someone can tell me about these As you can see, 3312 120 and 3312 121 It looks like they are matched And here are the brackets: Just love the 909 Motorsport parts How much can these be worth?
  13. Wheel problem...can't decide

    If the big ones fit without mods.. why not?
  14. Can someone please help me??

    Yes I know! Paul B has done a fantastic job helping me out! I dont know how I can make it up to him! That is the good thing about a adult and healthy forum like this! You can trust people and people are willing to help Amazing!!
  15. Can someone please help me??

    I am so happy right now! I just had to get new ones for my car! Big Thanks to Paul S and Paul B for helping me out Look what is on there now.. modded for racing tires I think How they where fitted: Cant wait to get the car back to standard "Look" I am sure I will miss the wide wheels but... Standard rims is ready