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  1. Evening folks, as some of you may have seen on the Facebook page, we're hoping to arrange a visit to the Ford Heritage workshop /museum early September this year. They've asked me for an idea of numbers of both cars and people attending, so can any interested parties please let us know and I'll see what I can sort out
  2. **Silverstone Classic 2017** We are in the process of organising an RS500 stand at this years Silverstone Classic. It will be a 30th anniversary celebration stand, open to all RS500 owners. Silverstone Classic offer a discounted ticket price for all those displaying their car over the weekend. The discount code should come through this week, to share with anyone interested in this event...the earlybird ticket deadline for purchasing is 31/3/17. To receive the code please send a message with your car registration (if it has one) and build number, and we will pass on the code as soon as we have it. http://www.silverstoneclassic.com/
  3. Rear brake backing plates ( 2WD )

    I am fairly sure i bought a pair of these from this seller and they fitted perfectly
  4. Black 500 for sale down under

    Well that takes the shine off it for sure,does the duty drop to 0% after 30 years Paul or just drop to a lower level??
  5. Black 500 for sale down under

    Looks like a good one and i take it being a ex UK car there would be no duty to pay to bring it back
  6. Doddy

    Hi Doddy and welcome.I hunted for a while for a sunroof for my 500 with no luck so in the end fitted one from a sierra sapphire,slightly different colour glass but tbh you would never know.
  7. My new Toy

    Cheers Roy she sure does have a Harris engine 2.1 pinto on 48s,sounds great
  8. My new Toy

    She is going well thanks Paul but not getting as much use now since we bought our Mk1 escort so may look at parting with one of them over the winter. Took this while out and about today
  9. My new Toy

    Very Very Nice Paul
  10. Genuine RS500 intercooler

    Hi Corky i don't know if this is priced right but looks ok from the pics http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Rs500-Genuine-Intercooler-Sierra-Cosworth-/121892701301?hash=item1c615f0475:g:U0oAAOSwoydWtGbC
  11. Happy Christmas

    Happy Christmas and New year Paul
  12. New build plaque and key rings

    They look cracking Paul
  13. 30th Anniversary

    Goodwood sounds great to me.Do you think they would let us have a trial run next year???
  14. RS500/3dr Parts

    Here you go Roy,i bought a few bits off them including a grille seal with no problems http://www.motomobil.com/the-motomobil-catalogue,7929.html at the bottom of page 4
  15. RS500/3dr Parts

    If anyone needs any grill seals they are available from a company in germany for £47+vat and postage