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  1. K.ludwig Dtm Speedware Rs500 Recreation

    It was a great car, but yes he asking far too much for it. If i ever have one, i would go plaun white. 1990 gravitt car.
  2. K.ludwig Dtm Speedware Rs500 Recreation

    I sure do. Specially seeing the pics of it for sale in australia. Looks stunning.
  3. K.ludwig Dtm Speedware Rs500 Recreation

    To be honest i'm not sure, would love a touring car rep to be built, but must be getting very hard to find all the parts nowadays, I guess its better to buy a 3 dr, and send it to Paul to build.
  4. K.ludwig Dtm Speedware Rs500 Recreation

    No mate, he wants too much for the car in my humble opinion.
  5. K.ludwig Dtm Speedware Rs500 Recreation

    Good to hear it will be used Rich, if you come down to Brands, let me know, I will pop up to say hi.
  6. Labbats Car

    Just seen the tim harvey car was for sale at silvertsone auction, did it sell?
  7. K.ludwig Dtm Speedware Rs500 Recreation

    Dont blame u mate. It looks the business. So what will you do with it? Track, or show car.
  8. K.ludwig Dtm Speedware Rs500 Recreation

    man, that looks awesome mate. sell me it!!!!
  9. Restoration of Rs500 #406

    As always, stunning Paul. I take it the car wont be seeing anymore track action now... lol
  10. Labbats Car

  11. Labbats Car

    Dont know mate. Not sure who owns it now.
  12. Labbats Car

    I should have brought Paul's Caltex car when I had a chance....
  13. Labbats Car

    Yes well out of my budget, eould be amazing just to do display drives, sensible track day use.
  14. Labbats Car

    God i wished!!! I would love a group a car, or well built replica like paul's caltex car.
  15. Labbats Car

    There maybe a different rs500 option open to me, waiting on a call from Mr Linfoot. Will let you know if or when i get one mate. The other car i want is mega modded, so little bit concerned re value i want to pay for that car.
  16. Labbats Car

    Yes rich, focus sold within 2 or 3 days mate. To a real nice guy.
  17. Labbats Car

    I agree mate. Prices gone mad. I think the very low mile 100k plus cars are easier to sell than the 60-70k higher mile ones.
  18. Labbats Car

    Im really suprised tim harvey has not brought the car back. He has been lucky enough to drive it a few times over the last few years
  19. What's the story with this one?

    Dunno mate, hopefuly the owner andy might be able to shed some light on it.
  20. What's the story with this one?

    i think that's Andy's CAM Shipping car mate.
  21. Cam shipping 1988 BTCC car " Rouse built "

    I will be there sunday Andy, so will def come find you.

    Amazing job, best colour for a sapphire.
  23. silverstone classic

    Very cool. Did your other race car sell martin?
  24. silverstone classic

    Awesome mate, im there on the sunday, so make sure you look after it on the saturday running please.
  25. How many RS500 in Scandinavia

    Nice one daz, looks good on track...