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  1. Very cool. Did your other race car sell martin?
  2. Awesome mate, im there on the sunday, so make sure you look after it on the saturday running please.
  3. Nice one daz, looks good on track...
  4. The owner must be really chuffed Paul. Amazing job as always.
  5. After this re build, would you do it again?? Must of taken serious amount of time. But well worth it.
  6. Black is def the best colour. Stunning job. Another one saved. Good on you mate. Enjoy.
  7. Those wheels will make car look even better!!
  8. Nice one Rich, I saw that for sale, I was very tempted.... cheers Paul.
  9. Bet there be more than £100 now...
  10. I think one of the new guys on here has been in touch with somebody, that has said more will be made, yes they wern't bad. Can only really tell difference when there not fitted to the car
  11. Attention to detail & quality is amazing, so much time effort & hard work put in this car. Will you be using it?
  12. They did Roy, but knowbody seems to be making them anymore. Just fancied a set for my 3dr
  13. I know mate, used to be on e bay all the time. Not for ages now.
  14. Cool cheers
  15. Seems to be the case Paul, i must be too soft, as over the years i have had 2 sets of new genuine ford fog grills, but sold them to fellow rs owners for their concours builds.