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  1. Hi guys, has anybody got a spare drivers side part of scuttle panel, and or a pair of inner rear arches for a 3dr/rs500. Thanks. Paul
  2. Rs500 fog grills

  3. RS500 Alloys

    Hi all, I have 4 mint standard alloy wheels, will post some pics tomorrow. No caps tyres or locks, just the 4 wheels. No rush to sell, just Be good to free up some space, and I dont need them. Been told worth around £500, but have no clue and open to offers. Paul. 07903 750800
  4. Rs500 fog grills

    I have 2 sets of new genuine ford rs500 fog grills. Dont need them both, so happy to sell a set on here. £300 including postage. Tel 07903 750800
  5. R500 parts

    Indicators sold
  6. R500 parts

    Splitter sold.
  7. R500 parts

    Sadly i think my days of rs500 ownership are over, although prices seem to be coming down ar the mo, still too high for me. So have a couple of bits that maybe of interest. Genuine ford rs500 splitter with fitting rails. Never been fitted to a car. £1600 Set rs500 fog grills, again new, genuine ford, never fitted. £450 Set new indicators, genuine ford, never fitted. £300 Rather collection, but will post if required, onviously plus postage. I dont need to sell the items, just a shame sitting around when could be on a car. Cheers Paul. 07903 750800
  8. My new rs500 track toy.

    U know what i think of the car mate, a real credit to you and all the hours you have put into it. Mega car. Cant wait for you to bring it to Brands!!!
  9. My new rs500 track toy.

    Get it run it and i will buy it. You need a project mate. Not a car to polish.
  10. My new rs500 track toy.

    Totally awesome mate, I want it!!!! lol. Can't wait to see and hear it out on track.
  11. Hi Paul 

    do you know of anybody to help me put the wiring harness back into my rs500 but I want to remove the vecta mobiliser which is wired in with black wires,

    many thanks doddy



  12. Cam Shipping 30 years old rebuild time

    Good to hear cam getting a fully deserved break and tlc andy. Look forward to seeing it in all its glory again. How long u reckon it will take?
  13. The restoration of DJR2

    Many thanks, Ian.
  14. The restoration of DJR2

    Cool. Can i come join u? I can bring my bufty cleaning kit.. lol.
  15. The restoration of DJR2

    I went back in 2012 with jim and icom car, will u be taking any 500's out of track?