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  1. I just noticed this one is going for auction; http://www.pistonheads.com/classifieds/used-cars/ford/sierra/1987-ford-sierra-rs500-cosworth-group-a/6331645#&gid=1&pid=1 i wonder what the history is with it isn't a livery I've seen before? The cage through the engine bay looks like an Eggenberger cage, doesn't it?
  2. My 500

    Lovely looking car, always best with standard looks. Was this in the "Bonkers" collection?
  3. E557VTW?

    Does the number plate E557VTW ring any bells with anyone on here in regards to an RS500?
  4. Moonstone 500 on eBay???

    Daz, just read somewhere else that pretty much the only thing original is the logbook. No bumper, No VIN or stamps. Not the original shell either. Sound familiar?
  5. Anyone seen this; http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FORD-SIERRA-COSWORTH-RS500-PROJECT-/301871991123?hash=item4648f90953:g:lS8AAOSwDuJWv1hZ I wonder if it is a real moonstone 500?
  6. Happy Christmas

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Paul and all you other members. Rich
  7. What would you class as "very cheap", Paul?
  8. Does anyone have a mint/NOS rear drivers light cluster for a 2wd Saph? The amber coloured type. Cheers Rich
  9. 1988 Eggenberger Texaco RS500

    Did this sell? I can't see it for sale anywhere anymore.
  10. How to identify a 500 block?

    Thanks mate.
  11. Can someone help me on how to identify a 500 block? The engine is in my car so will be more difficult to see certain parts. I know the core plugs are different but I don't have a measurement on a standard 205 block or a 500 block. I'm asking as my car was sold as having a standard 205 block. I have found a receipt for a replacement block which is a lot more than a standard 205 block is worth, so thinking there is an outside chance it might be a 500 block, very slim chance I know but I just want to confirm it 100%. Thanks Rich
  12. Well it may have to be sold

    Totally agree. I'm sure it is a hard decision, Paul, but if the replacement is what I think it is... Wow
  13. My new toy.

    Looking good, when's it up for sale?
  14. Yellow Rs500 BTCC?

    Thanks Paul
  15. Yellow Rs500 BTCC?

    Do you know if the car is still about, Paul(s)?