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  1. Cam shipping 1988 BTCC car " Rouse built "

    Wow it certainly did have an active life, and amazing how many colour schemes it ran in, also explains how that some of the "lost" cars were right in front of us all along! I still think the CAM colours show the lines of the car at its best, its going to look fantastic once completed, and given what the Kaliber car recently fetched, then a very worthy investment of a top spec original Rouse RS500 :-)
  2. New owner of DJR 1

    Some nice shots of DJR1 at the Cosworth headquarters here Paul :-)
  3. What cars are still missing.

    Moffats must have been one of the first Egmos to be run privately? they did not seem to start supplying customer cars until after they stopped running the Texaco team. I guess as all there 3drs and RS500s were black inside as that's how they first start building them they just carried on that way when they started selling cars to privateers?
  4. New owner of DJR 1

    Ha!, good to hear Andy, sounds like you love to tinker just like me, looks as if you have some virtually unique toys still :-) I wont have a 500 again but this is still a great site to catch up with like minded people so hope you stay on board as well.
  5. New owner of DJR 1

    Who would have guessed all those years later that DJR1 and 2 would be sat under the same roof again, and back in Shell colours :-) Congratulations on the purchase Paul, I never thought in a million years Andy would have parted with it. Is he heading in a different direction with his cars now? or simply buying a pipe, slippers and retiring from the scene !
  6. Chance of a lifetime

    You really are living the dream these days Paul
  7. Andy Rouse chassis Numbers

    Yes you could Roy, from memory they were shown in the "How to prepare the Sierra for motorsport book" I used to own. The ANZ car though was the only one I had heard of that had them fitted, which made me think it could have originally been a Merkur shell, but it seems that was a red herring. Wonder why just this chassis had them retro fitted. Whats the back story to the Motorcraft liveried car Roop/Roy? that has recently surfaced.
  8. Labbats Car

    The thing is what do you call original? that car like most of them had many a shunt over the course of its life, repaired, repainted and off it went again. Also had a big prang at Bruntingthorpe before it headed to Aus.
  9. Andy Rouse chassis Numbers

    Ah ok, I recall Martin saying it ran the full length Merkur chassis rails when he owned it?

    Very nice :-)
  11. Bbs e50 centre lock help 3dr

    They look best with 1 inch fronts and 1.5 inch rears, have you thought of selling your genuine centres to a racer and then buying a new set of repro centres machined to suit your needs? edit Aly is Superaly on here :-)
  12. Bbs e50 centre lock help 3dr

    Yes that's the guy, not seen him post for a while, for the life of me I cannot remember his user name. I am pretty sure he bought a set from a road car that had a good few mm removed from the back face of the wheel centre to bring it further under the arches, once that is done they are no use really on a group A race car.
  13. Bbs e50 centre lock help 3dr

    The problem with half inch outers is that the centre then sticks out further than the tyre and it can look a bit odd. I am not a fan of the alloy adapters really, I had mine modified as the indent at the back to allow the existing hub to fit into it really eats into the alloy so there is only a small ring in cross section holding the central threaded part to it. I had my original hub centres machined back to allow more alloy to be retained. I have yet to hear of any fail, but didn't want to be the first to find out! The only real solution is a set of centre lock hubs from Mark but then you need every thing else to go with them which wont be cheap. I never fitted mine in the end, love the wheels and quite a few people run them on road car so it can be done. It might be worth you contacting Aly in Scotland on here, he has loads of these wheels and may want to swap a machined down pair for an untouched pair for his race cars.
  14. Bbs e50 centre lock help 3dr

    A few people in the past have machined down the hub faces on the wheels to compensate for the depth of the adapters along with the 7" inner barrels on the fronts. What ARB are you running? a H13 will give you a bit more front to back room as well but its always been a struggle using these wheels on a road car without much arch work Which type wheel do you have? the lightweights with the hollow centres or the solid centre ones