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  1. They look best with 1 inch fronts and 1.5 inch rears, have you thought of selling your genuine centres to a racer and then buying a new set of repro centres machined to suit your needs? edit Aly is Superaly on here :-)
  2. Yes that's the guy, not seen him post for a while, for the life of me I cannot remember his user name. I am pretty sure he bought a set from a road car that had a good few mm removed from the back face of the wheel centre to bring it further under the arches, once that is done they are no use really on a group A race car.
  3. The problem with half inch outers is that the centre then sticks out further than the tyre and it can look a bit odd. I am not a fan of the alloy adapters really, I had mine modified as the indent at the back to allow the existing hub to fit into it really eats into the alloy so there is only a small ring in cross section holding the central threaded part to it. I had my original hub centres machined back to allow more alloy to be retained. I have yet to hear of any fail, but didn't want to be the first to find out! The only real solution is a set of centre lock hubs from Mark but then you need every thing else to go with them which wont be cheap. I never fitted mine in the end, love the wheels and quite a few people run them on road car so it can be done. It might be worth you contacting Aly in Scotland on here, he has loads of these wheels and may want to swap a machined down pair for an untouched pair for his race cars.
  4. A few people in the past have machined down the hub faces on the wheels to compensate for the depth of the adapters along with the 7" inner barrels on the fronts. What ARB are you running? a H13 will give you a bit more front to back room as well but its always been a struggle using these wheels on a road car without much arch work Which type wheel do you have? the lightweights with the hollow centres or the solid centre ones
  5. It was, that £16k RS500 would now be £80k plus! :-)
  6. Many years ago BBR were selling them for £5500, no idea what they go for now, but at the time a sub 10k mile RS500 could be had for £16K
  7. Looks like someone has found and restored that converted Rouse Merkur then in that period promo pic, based on the tags build date :-) I don't recall it ever running in that scheme though either as a 3dr or an RS500 I always thought it had morphed into the ANZ car that was later converted to lhd (then recently back to rhd) as that was also a Merkur shell to start with.
  8. Only pic I have ever seen of anything similar is this one, which from hazy memory was a converted Merkur used for promotion when the 3dr entered the btcc. Those look recent? whats the story on the car?
  9. I am guessing these re the ones that used to be on display in the egmo showroom?
  10. Nice........
  11. You have two fantastic cars, one I have owned myself and one I always fancied owning. Lets see those pics :-)
  12. I believe East kent trim supplies sell copy ones these days if Paul does not have them
  13. Should be a fun project, I remember the pics surfacing of it ages ago on pf in that shed, great that you tracked it down and it had not met the crusher.
  14. Paul sells them new complete with pink hose
  15. Its the 1989 spa winner that is for sale (the one which crashed in the same race in 88 and was then rebuilt for 89), that car then became the number 2 car in 1990 and this one was the lead car in the 1990 race