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    Finally got around to taking some pics, couldn't resist the last one they look so great together. I've got some more pics side by side but I cant find them right now. I've really enjoyed driving the RS500
  2. New member introduction

    I'm a proud and excited new owner of a moonstone blue RS500. I've been lurking around this and other forums for a very long time, dreaming of owning on of these iconic cars and at last I found the right car (well Paul did actually, top bloke, thanks). I cant wait to get my teeth into the car and drive it, as soon as we get some decent weather I'll take some pics and post them here. I also have a very low mileage Lotus Carlton and I'm dying to see the two side by side. Paul and this forum were the final inspiration I needed to buy this car and I'm very grateful for such a good resource. I hope I'll move from lerker to contributor and am keen for any meets or events.