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  1. Evening all. Been watching a lot of the early Btcc, etcc, wtcc vids over Xmas again and got me thinking about what group A rs500s are still actually missing? Are all the texaco cars accounted for? Also I have seen what's for sale on race cars.com but any other group a rs500s about for sale?
  2. My new rs500 track toy.

    Evening all, well it's been a while and I didn't do a build thread for this one as didnt seem to have the time but been working on this for about a year now since I sold my speedware car and she's nearly finished. To say I'm over the moon with it would be an understatement. Let me know what you think.
  3. My new rs500 track toy.

    Thanks Roy I know the livery has been done to death but I’ve always wanted a Texaco car and I tried a different livery with the speed ware car and just wasn’t doing it for me.
  4. My new rs500 track toy.

    Lol I won't be selling this one mate but I do have another here lol
  5. My new rs500 track toy.

    Hello mate how's things? Yeah it's turned out really well, can't wait to get it finished and get out there.
  6. Restoration of a special 1 owner rs500

    Considering the car has been driven all its life it's surprisingly solid. Look forward to the updates
  7. Cam Shipping 30 years old rebuild time

    Great progress Andy. Could you have got a bigger grinder for those little brackets lol. Looking forward to following this resto.
  8. Cam shipping 1988 BTCC car " Rouse built "

    Great Andrew I'm looking forward to following the updates on this one.
  9. The restoration of DJR2

    Paul where would I get the brake pipe fittings from that go through the inner wing and through the floor pan under what would be the rear seat? I have the braided pipes made but need 4 of the fittings that they go onto that screw through the panels.
  10. The restoration of DJR2

    That's a very expensive accident. I think I will have a look into that website Ian thanks for the info.
  11. The restoration of DJR2

    Oh ok I'm not sure if either of mine would conform for the htp but regards racing them I think I would like to at some point but for the time being there just track cars. Well one is road legal but never gets used on the road and the other I'm still putting together and isn't road legal. How would I found out what I need to do to conform for the htp, I'm assuming someone like Paul would probably be the best man for that advise?
  12. The restoration of DJR2

    Hello Paul how's thing? You know you need a track car mate, there's a few of us building gpa reps now hopefully ready for the summer.
  13. The restoration of DJR2

    Haha sorry Ian I thought you where but had to ask after your comment lol. Whats htp papers and what's required to gain them?
  14. The restoration of DJR2

    You say your English isn't good Ian, can I ask where you from?
  15. The restoration of DJR2

    That's a great story Ian and thank you for sharing it. I was a little behind the times with the rs500 touring cars as I was only born mid 80s but I love these iconic cars and have spent many years trying to learn about them, for you to own such a piece of Motorsport history is fantastic. I think I've missed the boat for a genuine car but I have 2 here now and there as close to a genuine grpA car as I think I will ever get. With regards to the link you put up in a previous post for the racing series is that only for genuine cars?
  16. The restoration of DJR2

    Hi Ian it's great to put a name to the car now and what a car it is. I think Paul's going to struggle to let it go when the time comes lol. I cant remember if I read it on here or somewhere else but would I be right in saying that when you bought this car it was a rally car and you didn't really know it was Djr2? Wow you have 2 gpa cars, is the Imberti one the one Paul has just been working on?
  17. Rs500 shell eBay

    Cheers for the reply Paul. I've done some homework since and it's not for me this one.
  18. Rs500 shell eBay

    Evening all. Been looking at this and I do have a few rs500 bits about and wondered if this would be a cheap way to get into rs500 ownership. Does anyone know anything about it? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ford-RS-500-sierra-cosworth-RS500/122953860822?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649
  19. What cars are still missing.

    What was the reason for them being black inside Roy?
  20. What cars are still missing.

    Thanks for the info and the pics Roy I haven't seen a couple of them. It's amazing to think these legendary cars are just sat somewhere unknown still.
  21. What cars are still missing.

    Interesting stuff. So what other well known cars are still missing.
  22. What cars are still missing.

    Are there any in the UK Roy? The vague one is that the one that was seen on the single wheel trailer with the odd looking centre locks?
  23. What cars are still missing.

    Roy I notice you have a texaco car on your sig, do you own one of them?
  24. What cars are still missing.

    Hi Roy what texaco car is still missing and any ideas on its whereabouts?
  25. New owner of DJR 1

    Wow.......... Well done Paul that is a serious piece of Motorsport history and I can't imagine how you feel to own such a car. Well done.