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  1. Wow that will be pretty special.
  2. Ah ok I didn't know that and they look pretty good, thanks for the pics Paul just gotta find some now.
  3. I've got a genuine set of ex touring car Bbs e50 centre lock split rims that I've just had refurbed and I've fitted them on the car tonight (without tyres at the minute) and the wheels look like there inline with the arch which mean they look to wide ???? I'm running 7.5". Barrels on the rear and 7" on the front with 1" outer lips all round, the back will go with arch modes but front looks really tight. It's almost like the adaptors (mk) are pushing the wheel out to far but obviously the adaptors have to be like that and the wheels are what they are??? The only thing I can think at the minute is to put the front down to a half inch outer but even then not sure it will go. Has anyone had any experience with this setup????
  4. Thanks Pual. Regards selling mine and getting some repro ones done and Machining them down seems to be an issue also as there's only 1 person that might be able to do it.
  5. Paul do you know Alys user name??
  6. I've just mocked up a wheel on 0.5" and I don't think I like the way that it looks as Paul S mentioned, it totally changes the look of the wheels. This is driving me nuts now plus what ever outers I go with really I would need to run the same on all 4 corners and trying to find them is not going to be easy.
  7. Hi Paul thanks for your help, I love these wheels to but I can see why people don't bother now lol. I have been in contact with Mark and he's taken the time to help me with some half inch outers so that's what I'm going with at the minute but I know what your saying about the inners sticking out. Would that be Aly with the genuine and replica ICS cars?? What's his actual user name on here Paul? Also when you say he might have some that are machine down what do you mean, the centres??
  8. Hi Paul I have the magnesium hollow centred ones which I've looked into and don't feel I can machine anything off the back really, the arb is a h13 also so front to backs ok it's just the adaptors pushing it out that half an inch is the issue. I think I can get the rears ok as I'm happy to mod the arch but the front is in line with the arch so I think a half inch outer on the front is the only option really.
  9. Absolutely stunning Andy. Well done.
  10. It's a serious bit of kit mate. The guy that built it has done a really great job. The Bbs wheels I have are 17s mate.
  11. Well after not getting as much time as I'd like to get on with my rs500 touring car rep I had the opportunity to by this 3dr so I did. Some of you may know this car as it was January 2014 fast ford cover car and initially had rs2000 style livery on it. It ticked all the boxes for me due to touring car styling, side exit exhaust and all the upgrades it's had and I'm well chuffed with it. It's currently running around 400bhp but has a fully forged engine capable of 500 plus :top: but to be honest it's plenty quick enough. The only issue I have at the minute is I'm mainly wanting to do track days and abuse the car really and think this maybe far to clean for that :? I don't want to risk damaging it as it's mint. I'm currently having my e50 Bbs centre locks refurbed so they will be on it shortly and can't decide if I want to go touring car livery or not. Anyway here it is
  12. Thanks Paul.
  13. Cheers Paul. Got my livery here as well now so am going to offer it up to the car and have a think.
  14. Wheels before they went off to be refurbed. Can't wait to get them back.
  15. Hello Paul. I wasn't looking for another one but when a sore this I couldn't believe it was exactly how mine was going to be, all except wheels and livery which will soon be sorted lol.
  16. If I do decide to go touring car livery it will be klaus Ludwigs grab speedware car.
  17. Hello John how's things? Nice to see you on another forum mate, I'm only a newbie myself.
  18. I can't believe these haven't been reproduced again due to the high demand.
  19. I've got some genuine ones here off a 3dr if there any good?
  20. Got a link Mark?
  21. Cheers Paul
  22. Shortly mate shortly. I only picked it up this morning and had loads to do today so will get some pics up in the week. I know mate he's hard work to deal with and I'm pretty sure he didn't sell it either.
  23. I've just bought another one that's why I'm selling up a few bits. Your car looks very nice in those pics mate. I know what you mean about the itch, it never goes away lol.
  24. Don't do it Paul but I'm 3dr/rs500 through and through.. I have a 3dr touring car project here if you fancy it lol
  25. We could start a club the brief rs owners club lol