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  1. New owner of DJR 1

    Afternoon PAUL S and everybody, I am really pleased after 21 years of ownership knowing DJR1 will be safe for another few decades with Paul and Jo, sometimes finding the right future owner is the most important consideration, this was one of those times. The pipe and slippers aren't here just yet, I am still involved with motorsport but in an even older way, my 1913 Chalmers is regularly seen in vintage hillclimb events and covers over 3000 miles a year, I also ground run a 1924 Napier Lion W12 aero engine I restored from a Vickers Virginia bomber, the oldest running example in the world. I have a couple of other Edwardian car project's I am working on which will take a few year's but will be worth it. Good luck in everything 500 and enjoy your car's. Andy
  2. Labbats Car

    Wireless, it has been "cobbled together in my shed" many, many times in the last 21 years !
  3. Labbats Car

    Morning Wireless and all, Wireless, I have just read this thread and have had a great laugh at your comment in an earlier post, " north-east Shropshire parochial country bumpkin street race" the reason I am laughing is that one of the most famous RS00 touring car's lives in the most north-easterly part of Shropshire, how ironic ! Andy
  4. My New 3Dr

    Hi Paul B and all, I have driven one of the new RS Focus's and was very disappointed, tramlining, torque steering, front going light at speed and rubbish mpg amongst several other thing's that put me off. My brother kept his 4 day's and sold it. Andy
  5. Motorsport Magazine

    Jerry, Didn't Mike and Robb win the 1990 Brands 2 driver race in the white car ? I chatted with Robb at the Goodwood 75MM, he was out in the Brooklyn car.
  6. Motorsport Magazine

    Evenin Jerry with no "e", I thought Pete Hall won the final round in 1987, I would of thought the car would have been a 500 by then, am I thinking of another year ? Andy
  7. Motorsport Magazine

    Afternoon Jerry, I will go for 11 different driver's winning in the BTCC in a 500. ROUSE HALL SOPER MAHONEY BRANCATELLI SEARS HARVEY GRAVETT BRISTOW NEEDELL SMITH Andy
  8. 4k UHD Videos from the NEC

    Ay up Rupe, The quality of your stand footage is the best I have seen ! you,ll end up on the telly !
  9. 4k UHD Videos from the NEC

    Hi Wireless, great coverage of the show, fantastic quality, the Bathurst footage of Brocky is great but he is in the wrong car, the car is a Commodore not the Sierra the interviewee is talking about, have a look at this clip, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xlLKDN-d1x0 of Brocky in the Sierra. Andy
  10. 3 door Cosworth rebuild

    Ay up, Is the rear beam modified for the trailing arm mountings ?
  11. Pistonheads rs500 artical

    Well done big lad
  12. Photo shoot thanks and picture

    Ay up Paul, A very good day , well done for getting car's out in December ! See you at the NEC
  13. I walked past the tv tonight and I am sure I saw our Jerry Mahoney on Antiques Roadtrip ! Jerry if your are looking in, was that you ? Andy
  14. Finally got myself a Gp.A RS500

    Hi Rup, Welcome to the club. Andy