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  1. Andy Rouse chassis Numbers

    I thought the car had 3 drivers for that race? Brock, Jones & Larkham
  2. Any more images of this car. Current or period image would be good..
  3. 1/43rd Models

    Just added the Peter Jackson sponsored Glen Seton Sandown 500 race winning car from 1990 to my collection. Added the missing decals and airlance on the front panel. Does anyone know what chassis this car was?
  4. EGMO 9002 for sale.. https://www.leboncoin.fr/equipement_auto/1039317007.htm?ca=12_s
  5. 1/43rd Models

    Just to compliment the post on 1/18th scale models. I thought I would show some of the smaller less detailed models available. Here is an image of a small selection of my RS500 models. I am always adding more with special builds in the pipeline of more Australian versions and a better 1990 Rouse ICS car. The eagle-eyed amongst you may have spotted the inaccuracy of the 05 Brock car?
  6. List of rs500 touring cars at NEC autosport show

    Great set of cars Paul. I will see you there..
  7. Texaco ( eggenberger ) rs500s

    Ah, Okay. That was me not realising what car Martin had!! I did spot the difference in the livery on the side of the car. What are the three clips around each headlight? Do they hold a perspex headlight protective cover in place?
  8. Texaco ( eggenberger ) rs500s

    Which part is wrong guys? Apart from the Bastos on the front bumper?
  9. Texaco ( eggenberger ) rs500s

    GABE JG 99268 to be precise.
  10. Texaco ( eggenberger ) rs500s

    99268 Confirmed as the 89 Spa winning Bastos car. Just been refurbished by Eggenberger before going to new owner in New Zealand. Coming to race in the UK in 2017.