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  1. GrpA AP front brakes

    Gullivers Travels / OXO car, yes
  2. GrpA AP front brakes

    Actually a white one.
  3. GrpA AP front brakes

    Hi All, Helping a friend out who is in the process of rebuilding a GrpA Sierra - does anyone have a pair of AP Racing front brake callipers to suit a GrpA Sierra Thanks, Ben
  4. Search option

    Thanks Roy, that is what I thought too, but alas, there is no magnifying glass for me . . . . Either logged in or not.
  5. Core plugs

    Hi All, What size / qty core plugs do I need for a complete set for a YBD / RS500 205 block? Are the small plugs the same as the cylinder head plugs? And is the rear plug the same as the standard 205 YBB block? Cheers, Ben
  6. Search option

    Hi All, Back here after a bit of a hiatus. Is it just me, or did there use to be a search option that is no longer available - or am I simply having a blonde moment and cant find it? Cheers, Ben
  7. TLR3/4

    Just an update, this car sold late last year to a guy in QLD. He will be performing a resto on the car this year and plans to race it in the Historic Grp A series next year. I have been in touch with him a few times (throughout the purchase and since), it is great to see it go to a good home where it wil be used the way it was designed!
  8. TLR3/4

    Great photo, thanks! That is definitely the car in the foreground! Do you know when this was taken?

    What did you use to refurb the cam cover? It looks great!
  10. 3 door Cosworth rebuild

    Is that a NOS set of TCA's, refurb or something else?

    Thanks for clearing that one up! I will make sure I put mine in in that direction when I do them.

    Is that the right way for the rubber cap on the swing arm bush? You have it between the washer and the bush - I thought for some reason they were meant to go on the other side of the washer, wont they get torn up if they are between the washer and bush?
  13. Re-manufactured grille seals

    I just saw on fb that you have put someone on - good stuff! Hopefully it will lift the workload a little. And yes, I new you were away with NEC so thought I would give you some room but couldn't help myself here Hopefully I will be able to get some things from you in 2017.
  14. Restoration of Moonstone #466

    It has been a while between posts - too long. Unfortunately not a lot has happened since the last one. The power steering rack decided to drop its bundle late last year and leak everywhere so that required a rebuild. I took my time getting it done and think I did a pretty good job of it - stripping back the old paint, cleaning up the aluminium part and putting a seal kit through it. Alas, I didn't get any pictures at the time for some reason. When putting the rack back together, one of the teflon seals on the input stem caught and tore and it happens to be one of those items that you cant get on its own - you have to buy a complete kit and I did not want to go through the pain of buying another kit form the UK and shipping it to Aus so after a bit of detective work (insert a couple of months here...) I discovered that the steering rack in a Nissan Skyline which was sold in Aus was similar to the Sierra rack and managed to track a kit down locally - still had to get a complete kit but was easier than getting one form the UK - I still tore the seal again when putting it back together but luckily I had 3 spares from the new seal kit so this time I put the seal on and inserted the shaft just into the housing, let it sit for a day as the teflon shrunk back to normal size and then pushed it in the rest of the way and got it all back together and back in the car with new tie rods and rod ends so the front end is feeling pretty good now - still have to rebuild the drivers side hub which will happen some time soon! Apart from that, it has just been the usual task of trying to track down parts I need - I am still waiting for some door mouldings and a few other bits and pieces from a well known member of this forum who will remain un-named for the moment but have managed to get a few other bits and bobs which turned up today - Some seat runner covers Some carpet mats - An EXTREMELY important piece for the garage - And one of those hens teeth items, a genuine RS500 turbo to intercooler hose - I had a genuine one on the car when I got it but it was not running the correct alternator bracket so the pipe got chewed out pretty quick! Its nice to have a genuine one back to put on the car again! There were also a few other ods and ends such as clips etc. I am pretty busy at the moment training for an enduro bike race in July so progress is going to be slow between now and then but hopefully late August will see things pick up pace again.
  15. Parts wanted

    RS500Registrar has door mouldings -