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  1. Value of RS500 bumper and rear spoilers

    Ok thanks for your input I know they are pricey these days cheers.
  2. Hi everyone I was wondering what value you would say a 500 front bumper and the rear spoilers are worth these days all genuine I believe. Someone local to me as the bits but not sure what they are worth any ideas seen very few for sale these days ?
  3. Hi is anybody else having difficulty finding the correct tin rear brake disc protectors for a three door. They are very domed compared to others I've seen for sale mine are rotten if anybody can point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated cheers.
  4. Wanted the rear brake pressure control valve mine is leaking could do with a new one if possible. Also I'm looking for the RS500 front fog light grilles need a pair if anyone has any available thanks.
  5. Indoor tailored dust cover

    Hi any advice on where to find a good quality indoor soft cloth type tailored dust cover for a three door I seem to remember someone on eBay selling them but not seen them for a while. Cheers.
  6. Brakes Giving Problems ?

    I will get the wheels off this week and check to see if I can press them back in and see if they need freeing off. Else every time I go out in her I will look like I've rallying it with left foot braking and get the the discs glowing. Cheers.
  7. Brakes Giving Problems ?

    Anyone experienced any Brake Master Cylinder problems holding the front brakes on. I thought it was the usual rear brake calippers sticking at first I've lost count of how many of them I've replaced over the years but it seems like the the fronts this time. I have not had chance to remove the front wheels yet but I'm guessing the calippers are free and not seized as it doesn't pull to the left or right on braking. Which makes me think there is a problem with the cylinder or ABS it's certainly cooking the front discs even when the car is driven gently. Anyone come across something similar Cheers.
  8. Need new battery

    Did you get fixed up mate ? As my battery is passed it too but recently I've been looking at picking one up and everyone seems to list the round post type battery which means putting some of them different clamps on to the existing flat straps. Is it the the proper flat terminal type like they should have Regards
  9. Drop Glass Outer Seals

    Thanks Paul I can't see the link though. Good to know someone does them then.
  10. New to the site

    Superb that is it looks immaculate I think they look good in any colour to be honest and I would be happy to just own one in any of the three colours. One day I hope I can get one and probably just use it for shows or nice weekends in the summer months.
  11. Front Grille Seal

    Will have another look then the one I saw looked well over priced ?
  12. New to the site

    Just seen your car Paul it looks fantastic very lucky man. Is that the problem then now with the 500s nobody dares to go out in them like they used too ? Mart.
  13. New to the site

    Cheers Paul I could have grabbed my mates 500 a few years back in Moonstone he sold for 23k I think I can't quite remember the reg. When I can I will get a couple of pics up its only what you have all seen before though cheers Martyn
  14. Front Grille Seal

    Can anyone point me in the right direction to locate a new front grille seal for a three door cheers.
  15. Drop Glass Outer Seals

    Hi everyone does anybody know if it is possible to get new glass outer weather seals for the three door or 500 I think mine must be the originals would like a new set but I'm guessing they are unavailable ? Regards.