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  1. RS500 Airbox lib

    Thanks for that link i have seen it and contacted the guy, however due to a little problem i will have to postpone my search for now. Regards J
  2. Restoration of a legend , #70

    SHES MOT'D woohoo lol just got to get her home now!!
  3. Restoration of Moonstone #466

    Looking good matey, keep you busy don't they lol like pets with wheels
  4. Restoration of a legend , #70

    Thanks for the comments here are a few more pics, I am going up Monday with my proper camera and will get some more pics up
  5. Restoration of a legend , #70

    There is loads I have forgotten lol I will have to rack my brains and try and list everything.
  6. Restoration of a legend , #70

    Well well we are now 97% done, 070 she's back on her wheels after nearly a year of living on a ramp lol she's all dressed up with her spoilers,body kit, pin stripe etc. MOT time next but I don't see a problem pretty much everything is new or been refurbed so she better pass lol. A few teaser pics attached I will get dome much better pics put up after early next week of the completed car after she's had her final polish and clean up but I think from the few pics here you get the idea. Paul has done a phenomenal job in bringing this car back to such a high standard and as many of you remember this car was bottom of the barrel and when I bought her possibly the cheapest RS500 in existence. But with much hard work and a few quid this 500 has been elevated to a much higher standard. Definately an RS500 now to be looked on with a very different view, I hope you will all agree with that. As I said before this car in my eyes needed saving and I am personally astonished at the cars transformation from a horrible looking unloved car to a now very very presentable RS500. Yes there are still some small bits to do but the list of wrongs this car had has been all but been corrected. Like to know what you guys think and please be honest but not brutal lol
  7. RS500 Airbox lib

    Or a carbon lid with the flat top and 76mm outlet would do for now. also does anyone have a spare standard air box lid cheap as I want to try something with a carbon lid I bought but does not fit. thanks j
  8. Restoration of a legend , #70

    Forgot to add these pics of the proper body kit fixings that fit into the proper wings, it's all in the detail some of this gets missed when people view cars as a lot of these kits now just get bonded on or just screwed with self tappers straight into the arches
  9. RS500 Airbox lib

    Hello all, still looking for a decent priced RS500 airbox lid I will pay reasonable money but please no silly silly prices . This is for 070 please the thread in the restoration section. Or any help in tracking one down would also be appreciated. cheers Jas
  10. Restoration of a legend , #70

    Thanks lee looking forward to getting her back lol she may be now too good to use
  11. Restoration of a legend , #70

    Today 070 got her bodykit and bumpers back on together with brand new headlights indicators and grills instead of the fog lights. Got yo say she's looking superb the kit had gone back on soooo well and I dare say took Paul an awful long time to fit as perfectly as he has. I can't imagine what she looks like in the flesh as you get no idea of the detail in pics but I am absolutely grinning like a Cheshire Cat as I write this
  12. Restoration of a legend , #70

    Haha exactly thats why i bought it do love the note from them
  13. Restoration of a legend , #70

    Few more piccies I know some if not all will hate the large mongoose exhaust but I like it and also the note of those exhausts plus I had one on my old 500 and loved it
  14. Restoration of a legend , #70

    True enough Knowledge is priceless and best shared... Difference is your doing your resto yourslef and im not and i a mnot paying Paul to drill holes in Track Rod Ends for a split pin and castle nut. My resto will make the car very very nice as opposed to concourse and the car will def be 200% better than it was and that was always my goal.
  15. Restoration of a legend , #70

    Alot of work for just some split pins through the track rod ends lol and we are not doing that If it was a concourse restoration perhaps yes but it isnt And that delivery sounds good matey, and probably expensive have you looked at Burton Performance for engine parts?