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  1. Zytek Engine Management

    Pitch is 2.54mm for the repair, normally comes in a 32way strip so juct cut it down to suit.
  2. Zytek Engine Management

    did yours come with the car? Have you opened your up inside, is it encased in resin so it cannot be copied/reverse engineered? If you dont find a use for yours please let me know(obviously would pay you for it). Also of course if anyone else has one or knows where one is please post here. If anyone ever opens their ecu be very careful of the ribbon connecting the two halves of the ecu. This ribbon will have detoriated and you may have issues with communicating with the ecu or worst still a non functional ecu. It is an easy repair though. Desolder ribbon and change to pin headers of the correct pitch and then use wire jumpers between the two halves. I also soldered these into the headers [img width=800 height=600]http://i884.photobucket.com/albums/ac42/btlcameras/DSCN0297_zpsf2f1c569.jpg
  3. Zytek Engine Management

    Guys I have Zytek management. I am looking for the breakout box, this is the galvanised box (silver) normally has a din plug and 9 pin serial cable. I have modded my ecu so I can pull chip (to adjust map) without opening the ecu up but cannot get live data without the bit I am looking for. Any of you guys got one/seen one? Obviously if you have the box but not the leads not an issue as we can make the lead set no dramas. thanks in advance