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  1. Andy Rouse chassis Numbers

  2. Andy Rouse chassis Numbers

    Hi all, writing to you from Down under - Australia. i understand the importance of chassis numbers and it's very interesting to follow, although i wonder if anyone has any listings of race engine numbers that were associated with certain cars. the reason i ask this is because i have a 205 RS500 block which has a 1987 Andy Rouse related number stamped just above the water pump. It would be interesting to find out which car this block came from, so if there's any info out there, i'd love to read about it. Many thanks, Goran
  3. Search option

    Same for me
  4. what's the price for the engine? also, does it have a ybd number?
  5. yb crank pulley

    righto, thanks Paul. once i strip the engine, i'll have a good look at both the crank and pulley and might look at the option of possibly machining a key way on both at 180 degrees from original. although, apart from the balance issue, is there a power/performance benefit of any sort when using the aluminium pulleys, or is it not worth it?
  6. yb crank pulley

    hi all, soon, i'll be gearing up to strip down my engine to repair the crank snout (worn key way) and replace the crank pulley (original unit was damaged due to incorrectly fitted crank key) was just wondering, what are your thoughts on the lightweight aluminium crank pulleys? is there a benefit in going aluminium or should i stick with the standard cosworth pulley? btw, i am looking at the Graham Goode pulley http://shop.grahamgoode.com/sierra--sapphire-2wd-cosworth-aluminium-crankshaft-pulley-ggr2001-75249-p.asp many thanks to all.
  7. GGR Listerine rs500 (1988 car )

    a video of GGR 88001 being driven in anger (on the track) in Australia. driven by Craig Markland.
  8. GGR Listerine rs500 (1988 car )

    i'm jealous. I really wanted to buy this car last year although i couldnt find the funds to make it happen. best of luck with the car.
  9. Genuine RS500 Engine (Fully Rebuilt With 565BHP)

    would that be 11k AUD by any chance ;-)
  10. Genuine RS500 Engine (Fully Rebuilt With 565BHP)

    what's the retail on one of these?
  11. RS500 Airbox lib

  12. Dick Johnson RS500 - DJR1

    fantastic looking car Andy. the DJR sierras have always been my favourite. It was DJ and his sierras that got me hooked on them in the first instance when i was 10 yrs old and following the ATCC. Sadly, i believe this car lives on the wrong side of the world ;-)
  13. TLR3/4

    here you go.
  14. TLR3/4

    Ben, did you get my msg from the weekend? Bryan sala had a sign with some details of the car, including owner history. I'll dig it out of my phone and post it here.